(6) Magnus
Apr 14 2012, 11:46 pm
By: Cardinalallin  

Apr 14 2012, 11:46 pm Cardinalallin Post #1

(6) Magnus
A 3vs3 player map where allies spawn together under Use Map Settings.

1. Defeat screen only when you and your allies have all died.

2. Map is greyed out at the start of the game rather than blacked out, so the layout of bases and terrain is visible.

3. Slots for two observers.

4. Watch Towers. If a unit is in the square marked on the central hills, the whole team gains vision of the centre. Players can operate both Watch Towers.
The vision granted does not detect cloaked units.

Download (6)Magnus from this page

HELP I have set the player colours on team 1 to be Blue Red and Yellow. Whilst ingame they display correctly. However, when viewing the aftergame statistics, there are always two players appearing both as Blue. (Instead of Blue and Red, its Blue and Blue everytime). Does anybody know why this is?

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