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Poker Defense Nova [4.30] ELITE
Mar 4 2012, 7:21 pm
By: DankBudSmoker  

Mar 4 2012, 7:21 pm DankBudSmoker Post #1

----It has become obvious to me that Topblaireau no longer wishes to continue his work on Poker Defense 4.30 or continue playing Starcraft, So after talking with alot of people I have decided to release the remake I have been working on. I have Changed, Added, Fixed and Balanced TONS of things in this map and I hope you all enjoy it.

----This map was originally intended to be a private version for myself. I love the game but there was ALOT of changes that I felt Needed to be made to make this game really shine. Topblaireau definitely didn't plan on doing any of these changes saying that all he planned on doing was bugfixing. After being pmed by tons of people asking when its going to be done I have decided to publicly release it.

----This is a Complete? ChangeLog of everything i have Changed and Added :

- Much more difficult and balanced levels
- New card changers (Meld 2 DT to a DA to Instantly change card)
- New secret mixes
- New quests
- Double or Nothing unit recycle
- New Player and Computer colors
- 2 Units instead of 3 needed for Topblaireau's shop
- Recyclable Defilers
- Totally redone terrain
- Beacon under sell unit civilian used to remove other players units from your base
- 2 drones instead of 1 for mining quest
- Fixed all bad grammar and typos and changed the colors of almost every string in the game.
- Units much more balanced [Stronger Hero Terran Vehicles, Stronger Hero Ghosts, Weaker Hero Archons, etc.]
- Help, Unit exchange display, Level display, etc. removed for MUCH less unit lag
- Drone added to mind control quest
- New unit mixes (5 Carriers = King)
- Box quests to the right of players bases have been moved closer
- Unit lag has been Eliminated. Valkyries, Defilers, and Queens shoot much better now
- No Peoples custom unit names given to them for contributing have been changed.
- Greater spire secret now gives a Hero Devourer
- Base damage for 4 card Battlecruisers, 9 mutalisks, 5 Card / Straight Flush Mutalisks has been lowered and the Upgrades raised making them Good for players using Terran or Zerg air.
- Now when you "recall your units" only the heros are sent to the spawn instead of other units such as Battlecruisers and Mutalisks.
- You now get 2000 minerals for winning the reaver race

- Im certain ive missed somethings but thats just about the jist of it.

-If anyone has any ideas for the map or thinks I should change anything to improve it please post a reply on this thread and let me know, I will be checking it regularly.

----I would like to thank: CyanX, Killer2121, RisingAway-x20, Nickotin, and Duess for helping me test the map and coming up with some great ideas to add.

LATEST VERSION - 08/18/2012 11:50 AM est.

Final Version is now finished, All bugs reported to me have been fixed! Enjoy

Hits: 53 Size: 97.21kb

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Mar 5 2012, 11:51 pm Caedo Post #2

I'm gonna play this sometime this week! Thanks bro.


Mar 6 2012, 1:27 am DankBudSmoker Post #3

Hey np man hope u like it, im gonna release V2 sometime soon it fixes a few bugs and adds a new minigame quest.


Mar 9 2012, 12:44 am Caedo Post #4

This version is pretty freakin awesome.
The difficulty curve hit me pretty hard after the kerrigans.
After a certain point too, the bonus chooser units (Ace Combo) etc, stopped appearing all together, not sure whether or not that was scripted that way on purpose but still, I like this revision.
Keep it up!


Mar 9 2012, 2:11 am DKLChild Post #5

I love this map so much.

I enjoy getting high and playing it and then passing out and losing

your so cool dankbud,


Mar 9 2012, 6:05 pm DankBudSmoker Post #6

Glad u guys like it, I just released the latest version and hopefully all of the bugs have been fixed.

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Mar 11 2012, 8:17 pm N4p0 Post #7

hio . i played all maps from poker very< much times and now i wanted to give u some bugs

may u can look at it
and try to fix this new poker elite v2


all units under the arbiter are not using when enough slow units for hero * in battle field *


plague is very bugged ... not all are making it when battle started .


units staying still in wall after stacking to making nexus.

plz make secret after the game morelonger .. most of users cant remember, whats specials combos at and shown ^^ :D


Mar 11 2012, 10:14 pm DKLChild Post #8

add in more levels. up to 75 would be nice


Mar 12 2012, 2:34 am Bebs Post #9

good topblaireaus version was too easy, gonna play this for the first time tonight.

hope its not a piece of shit, ill return with my opinion


Mar 12 2012, 4:21 am Bebs Post #10

alright, well the first time i played i got to lvl 48 with chons/goons.
1. Not a problem with the game, but the first time i created it, after you start the game and go to the description screen, one of the dudes didnt click start. After waiting for 2 minutes i said fuck it and rm'ed. idk if thats an sc problem or the game itself.
2. I dont have a problem with a challenging game, but when you cant beat it with a certain unit (protoss), why the fuck even have them. I was raping shit, then it slowly progressed and it seemed all the terrain players were going well but i started to slow down. I had more heros and equal upgrades but wasnt killing shit.
When you say "Much more difficult and balanced levels", and "Totally redone terrain", it makes me feel like terrain is the only suitable type for this game. Chon/Goons would win for me everytime last vers, now the levels are much harder but im still using the same shitty units. Ill be suprised if anyone ever beats it with protoss or zerg. Why is terrain better? terrain was easy to win everytime too last vers (goliaths were best unit), so why is it the only type that gets an upgrade (i agree the ghosts needed some extra dmg but thats it).

Next time i play this, im goin goliaths or rines and ill see how they compete.

also, and this was topblaireaus mistake, for the 4 spots to put ur units to unlock the safety box. why do 2 have to be behind different paths, we had 4 guys at lvl 48 and just opened the first path. youd need 5 highly skilled players to get it by level 60. but by then whats the point, get a couple upgrades i guess but they already cost 250mins

Im talking about the constructive criticism, overall, its 100x better designed, changing card method is genius and u dont get fucked over with time constraint. Sick game, maybe im wrong up there, only played it once, but chons/goons would merk poker d anyday. we'll see

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Mar 14 2012, 3:40 am Bebs Post #11

played goliath and got to the last lvl and died. the game was progressing much better but i still feel it was easier.

also if u build a turret right below the selling beacon, it disables. my entire base was full of units cuz i couldnt sell them


Mar 14 2012, 4:29 am DKLChild Post #12

you triple posted lol.

anyways dankbud fix that make goliaths do more damage, archons n goons. and it'll be perfect on unit design


Mar 28 2012, 7:20 pm DKLChild Post #13

can you make air do more damage via ground? they are useless late game.

and whens a new version goin be released? im still waiting :)


Apr 3 2012, 2:47 pm NekoKyd Post #14

Welp, I'm not really sure if you have the same system as Topblaireau did. But when you get a certain number of units, it'd make a hero right?
So let's say for example: 9 Normal Archons make 1 Hero Archon. I'd get 10 Normal Archons and all of them would die to make a Hero Archon... Now that makes me confused, because I needed 9 to make a Hero, not 10. So why would all 10 die? If you have odd numbers in your triggers, Please make it so it stays odd numbers! If I get 10 Normal Archons, 9 Should die, and leave me with 1 Normal and 1 Hero Archon. Please take a look into this. Ever since Topblaireau abandoned his map, and you came out with this. I've been wanting to share this information.
Now onto the positive side of things: Great work with the Terrain, I love it! Nice job nerfing Archon/Goon damage. Now it isn't super easy to win with them!
Great job with double or nothing, I like that. And the egg for bonus money. Though the egg is somewhat cheap, If the first person to kill it gets the bonus, It'd make it super easy for Player 1 to kill it first, since he's right there. Maybe sticking it into a place that only air can get to, but not so close to other players?
Onto something else: I like how you cleared out all of the extra units, thus making it harder to max out the map. Great thinking. Here's the downside: Now we have no idea how many units it takes until we get a hero units of the kind. Maybe, some help beacons to show us a list of all the 'mixes' and such.
Also as the last thing I am going to say: Thank you for keeping my name on the flying bird, I appreciate that.

Stupid wall of text, TL;DR!


Apr 12 2012, 4:33 am vutuan372 Post #15

how to activate quest safety deposite box?
and i mix the ultimate pack but i don't recieve 4 special marrines but 4 twopairs, will u fix this error?


Aug 18 2012, 3:54 pm DankBudSmoker Post #16

Final Version is now complete!!!

I fixed all of the bugs that have been reported to me and did a general overhaul of the whole map.

See the attachment in the first post for the map.


Aug 20 2012, 10:34 am Whisky Post #17

wow Final version I Like it :D


Aug 22 2013, 4:29 am Sato Post #18

The balance of the map is really bad now IMO, and the "secret mixes" are more overpowered and game ruining than they are fun. Greatly prefer both Topblaireau's original mod and antitron's new POKER GOD maps that just feel more original overall and less gimmicky, more challenging and more balanced.


Sep 5 2013, 11:40 am DankBudSmoker Post #19

My map is still the most hosted poker by far and one of the most hosted maps on starcraft broodwar and this is what 2 years later?

Like i said before, i did very little to change Topblaireaus original balancing other than adding some mixes and increasing each units hit points by 40%.

My main goal with this map was to make a better card changing system, make it less ugly, less buggy and more difficult, which personally i think i accomplished quite nicely. I never intended for this map to become popular, great maps just have a way of doing that.

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