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Temple Siege Strategy!
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May 6 2011, 4:54 am
By: NothingIzEverything  

May 6 2011, 4:54 am NothingIzEverything Post #1

Hi everyone, I'm LoA-TrollSlap@USEast. Some of you might know me, but most of you probably don't. Anyway, I got into Temple Siege about 4 months ago, and enjoyed it from the very start. Seeing as there are still new versions being released by iDT, I feel like helping increase its popularity, namely by introducing new players to this map. However, no one wants a noob on their team, and so, I want to use this thread as a compendium of Temple Siege strategies, both basic and advanced, to help out these new players that might be interested in this map but have no chance to get better. Now, I know that there was an old thread, 8 pages long, on Temple Siege strategy, but its last post was back in November of last year, so I want to start a new thread and get things rolling again :D.

I'll start off with a guide on one of the lesser used units, but one of my favorites: Dark Mage.


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May 6 2011, 5:31 am DevliN Post #3



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[10:04 pm]
Suicidal Insanity -- Oh_Man
Oh_Man shouted: Couldn't you redefine all the tiles from the other tilesets to be read as part of just one tileset instead of multiple perhaps
In SC:R - yes you can. In normal SC: no, cause many tilesets use colors unavailable in others
[02:00 pm]
NudeRaider -- You are undead, why wouldn't you and your creations (GPTP) exist as (in) graves? I don't get why this needs fixing.
[01:58 pm]
UndeadStar -- I don't know in how many people imagination me and/or my GPTP existed as graves, but this will finally be fixed now that I've made the online code available
[10:26 am]
NudeRaider -- I can't say but it sounds plausible. You'd still have the problem with the palette.
[10:25 am]
Oh_Man -- it's not like the pixels themselves are inherit to one tileset or another.
[10:24 am]
Oh_Man -- Couldn't you redefine all the tiles from the other tilesets to be read as part of just one tileset instead of multiple perhaps
[10:16 am]
NudeRaider -- *make new tiles
[10:15 am]
NudeRaider -- The map structure only ever recognizes one tileset at a time. So you'd have to define your own map format then make an .exe that can load such files. I don't think it's ever been done; it sounds like a lot of work. What's commonly done with modding is creating a new tileset. Then you decide which tiles go in there. You can also make new ones. You will probably also have to create a new palette as the different tilesets share only part of their colors. Finally entering speculation territory you could maybe use EUDs to dynamically change the graphics of certain tiles. Not sure if it's possible, but if it is, you better make a topic for it.
[04:11 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- no, that's not a thing you can do without modding the game
[03:56 am]
youarenotworthy -- I forget, did starforge ever allow you to mix tilesets?
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