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Clan Oo channel.
Sep 21 2010, 3:39 am
By: Snipe  

Sep 21 2010, 3:39 am Snipe Post #1

accidentally killed it by removing some random war 3 members when the channel was in need.. Anyways.. I'm going to try and get it back up soon.


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[11:41 pm]
jjf28 -- :ex:
[11:04 pm]
Devourer -- :(
[11:02 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- I havn't done web dev probably since I worked on the v6 skin, and I don't have the time anymore :(
[11:00 pm]
Devourer -- poiuy make me new skin for SENv7 pls
[10:47 pm]
LoveLess -- And he was from the toilet seat. ETEFT confirmed.
[10:47 pm]
LoveLess -- "...LoveLess from SEN?"
[10:46 pm]
Excalibur -- lol
[10:43 pm]
LoveLess -- So I just ran into ETEFT on HOTS
[10:39 pm]
Voyager7456 -- Watching the MST3K marathon
[10:37 pm]
Excalibur -- Sup bby?
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