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What is BBCode?
BBCode stands for Bullentin Board Code. It is a very limited form of HTML, but without the security hazards and abuse potential of enabling full HTML. It is used to produce various effects such as adding images or text effects. The primary difference is that BBCode uses [] tags instead of <>. The available BBCodes are listed below.

What about BBCode abuse?
Yes, BBCode abuse is certainly a real possibility. Naturally, this entails that abusing BBCode is a punishable offense. This can include excessive use of BBCode, such as bolding every post, using hard-to-read colors, or abusing image functions. Chronic BBCode abusers will not be allowed to use BBCode.

[b]Bold[/b] = Bold text.

[i]Italic[/i] = Italic text.

[u]Underline[/u] = Underlined text.

[font=Courier]Courier[/font] = Courier font text.
*Must be a recognized font. Varies from system to system.

[size=#]Size[/size] text = Resized text.
*Must be a non-zero positive whole number.

[color=#CCCCCC]Colored[/color] = Recolored text.
*Must be a plain color (pink, lightgreen) or hex code (#15FDB7)

[youtube=xxxxxxxxxx] = Youtube video.
The xxxxxxxx is the video ID, found here:

[quote]Quoted[/quote] =
QuoteQuoted Text

[progress=96] =
0% Progress: 96%

[URL=]SEN[/URL] = SEN named link

[URL=] = - named for the url

[EMAIL=email]meh[/EMAIL] = meh named e-mail link

[EMAIL=email] = email named for the address

[IMG=] = image

    • Bulleted

  • [SUP]meh[/SUP] = Coolsuperscript

    [SUB]meh[/SUB] = Coolsubscript

    [LINE=#] = Horizontal Divider

    Of a specified width.

    [*]Likes Bacon
    [*]Eat bacon
    [*]Get fat
    Likes Bacon
    Eat Bacon
    Get fat

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    [05:25 pm]
    Vrael -- :wob: ooh theres some nice :wob: going on up in hurr
    [04:37 pm]
    NudeRaider -- :wob: oh wait after refresh the first tries got erased. So now I see it: A heart! Awwww :3
    [06:24 am]
    UndeadStar -- :wob:
    [12:57 am]
    O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- :wob:
    [2021-4-18. : 6:37 pm]
    Ultraviolet -- :wob: now there's some nice :wob:s
    [2021-4-18. : 3:34 pm]
    jjf28 -- . . . . . :wob::wob::wob::wob::wob:
    [2021-4-18. : 2:51 am]
    NudeRaider -- :wob::wob::wob::wob::wob:
    [2021-4-18. : 2:26 am]
    Ultraviolet -- :wob::wob::wob::wob::wob:
    [2021-4-18. : 1:38 am]
    KrayZee -- :wob: :wob: :wob: :wob: :wob: :wob: :wob:
    [2021-4-18. : 1:28 am]
    CaptainWill -- I saw the same...
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