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Sunken Treasure
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Uploaded on:Feb 4 2021, 3:14 pm
Uploaded by:DeltaCadimus

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These are recolored Protoss Warp Anchors (a.k.a. Protoss building warp-ins) meant to be utilized with Starcraft's special colored palettes, the ones used in SCV/Wraith/Ship engines. The recoloring is meant to fit more the Terran-centric scheme, as the original fits the Protoss-centric scheme.

Three versions were made for this, to be each utilized with each specific palette per version. Two of them can fit most palettes though only one will provide the most desired result. The third uses the special palette used for the Ghost's Lockdown effect, making it all white.

Includes Readme file with basic installation guide and recommended palettes for each grp file.

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... so you've posted in 202X? xd
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Dem0n -- Earn it through the boxes o_o
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