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Sorcerers III
Filename: Sorcerers III (EUD).scx
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Uploaded on:Nov 22 2020, 12:16 am
Uploaded by:TheSophomancer



File Description
Inspired by Heaven's Last Stand, Helm's Deep and Sorcerer's Last Defense, Sorcerers III is a competitive, team-based map with the central theme revolving around sorcery and elements of nature. Gameplay also revolves around which of the ten unique heroes you and your teammates choose at the beginning of the game, as they each possess unique sets of spells, strengths/weaknesses, and roles both offensively and defensively.

-:- Map Objectives: -:-

The goal of the map depends on which side of the field you're deployed on. If on the offensive, the objective is to fight your way up the map and win by destroying the elemental shrines within the time limit. On the defensive side, the goal is to protect your shrines for 45 minutes or to kill all of the attacking team's main sorcerers. For both sides of the field, victory is obtained by strategically using your selected heroes (with their unique set of spells), limited elite units and main army fodder. Additionally, strategies involving stealth, flanking, careful micro, intelligent unit matchups, drop play and (especially) teamwork are key to winning the game.

-:- Map Features: -:-

-:- Competitive strategy/defense/assault map with polished aesthetics.
-:- Gameplay/aesthetics heavily based upon spellcasting and elements such as earth, wind, fire and water.
-:- Playable as 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, 1v1 or any other combination (although 4v4 is best for standard play).
-:- EUDs utilized to modify unit properties, attack animations and spell selections.
-:- There's a waterfall on the map. That's pretty cool, eh?

-:- Version Information: -:-

Latest release: 1.0.1 (11/22/2020)

This map is currently in the released stage. I have thoroughly tested this map by myself as much as possible and am now in the process of testing the map with other human players online. The goal of the next phase of beta testing will be to identify and resolve any multiplayer bugs as well as receive input regarding map difficulty, unit balance, aesthetics and general features. Map features and overall unit balance may be modified based upon online testing and feedback. After the next round of testing and map tweaking is complete, I will upload the final version to replace this current version. Please contact me through Starcraft (TheSophomancer) or in the comments section below with any bug reports or suggestions.

-:- Tools and Resources Used: -:-

-:- SCMDraft 2
-:- EUD Editor 2
-:- Playlists of doom/stoner/sludge metal (and some djent)
-:- Several cups of coffee
-:- My mom also brought me a quesadilla once, which helped a lot

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