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Sunken Treasure
Falkoner's Tests Compilation
Filename: Falkoner's Tests
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File Information
Uploaded on:Dec 26 2009, 4:56 pm
Uploaded by:Falkoner

File Contents
Basics [v1.0].scx
Binary Calculator v1.0.scx
DarkZeroX's Reference.scx
EUD Ban.scm
Grid Tutorial.scm
Ground Turret.scm
Gunner System [v1.0].scm
Healing Frozen Medic.scx
Interceptor Tutorial.scx
Micro Scan Beta.scx
Mine 1 Mineral.scx
Null Walking.scm
One Location Bound.scx
Portal Concept.scx
Projectile Plotter.scx
Random Test.scx
Rapid Fire Tank.scm
Run or walk.scm
Spell Reference.scx
Spinning Tank.scx
Sprite Battle System.scx
The Walking Burrowed.scx
Toggleable Doodads [v1.03].scx
Trigger Lag Test.scx
File Description
Just some maps showing different tests using triggers, and other tools that test the limits of StarCraft. Showing things such as ordering scarabs and interceptors, or even creating sprites, these are a great way to learn map making tricks. These maps have great examples of some of the more advanced glitches and tricks, knowing these tricks often comes in handy when trying to find solutions to problems while map making.

Contains: Basics [v1.0].scx, Binary Calculator v1.0.scx, Corpse_Finder.scx, Create_Rocksprite.scx, Grid Tutorial.scm, Ground Turret.scm, Gunner System [v1.0].scm, Interceptor Tutorial.scx, Micro Scan Beta.scx, Mine 1 Mineral.scx, One Location Bound.scx, Portal Concept.scx, Projectile Plotter.scx, Scarabs.scx, Sprite Battle System.scx, The Walking Burrowed.scx, Toggleable Doodads [v1.03].scx, and Trigger Lag Test.scx and many many more!

Enjoy ;)

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Cinolt wrote on Dec 26 2009, 9:04 pm:
Also my Speed Tennis map is simple enough to be a test map, and I think it's worthy enough.

Cinolt wrote on Dec 26 2009, 8:47 pm:
Thanks for compiling, I found some of these interesting. You could include a map emphasizing intangible units, and maybe even edited unit wireframes.

Falkoner wrote on Dec 26 2009, 6:43 pm:
Hey, if anyone thinks that they have a map that SHOULD be in here, please, post it here, and I'll be glad to add it :)

[11:39 pm]
TV3D -- any admins on
[11:25 pm]
Vrael -- bye Corbow
[11:24 pm]
Corbo -- bye
[11:20 pm]
Corbo -- ok
[11:19 pm]
Vrael -- I'm not above a few manly whiskey nose tears in order to get a drink down
[11:18 pm]
Corbo -- which is why Corbo
Corbo shouted: We have a local liquor called chaparro, it fucking smells like hell and tastes like the devil itself
[11:18 pm]
Vrael -- no smell remaining - I chug the chaparro
[11:18 pm]
Vrael -- so here's the plan - I bring my own whiskey, to cleanse my palate, then I shoot a lil whiskey up my nose
[11:18 pm]
Corbo -- its worse
[11:18 pm]
Corbo -- nasty smell really makes it rather undrinkable, then there is the taste
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