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[03:14 pm]
Oh_Man -- i used to use firefox now i use chrome exclusively
[02:36 pm]
Azrael -- I use Chrome as my secondary backup browser though, since it has the most features of any browser besides Firefox, and it does so some things better (like the oft-cited HTML5 games).
[02:31 pm]
Azrael -- Anyways, FF for maximum awesome.
[02:30 pm]
Azrael -- I guess it's easier to write a post saying you coded something than it is to actually code it.
[02:30 pm]
Azrael -- Obviously the developers for Chrome did not actually implement and test it, otherwise they'd have left it in as an optional feature, rather than throw away all the time/money spent coding it.l
[02:28 pm]
Azrael -- All the tabs are restored, but their contents won't load until you select them. It's a feature Chrome is never getting, because after huge demand for it, the developers finally responded directly by saying they'd tested the feature themselves and basically said "trust us, you wouldn't like it", to which people replied "huh?? we're using that feature in other browsers, and it's amazing? wtf are you talking about?", to which there was no further reply.
[02:26 pm]
Azrael -- NudeRaider
NudeRaider shouted: FaRTy1billion FF usually doesn't take more than 1 GB regardless of number of open tabs.
Yep. And hey, if FF is ever taking up a ton of resources for whatever reason (maybe you started playing 1000 YouTube videos simultaneously?), you can just close it (even by ending its process) and reopen it.
[02:24 pm]
Azrael -- Because she heard someone say that once, and also because she doesn't use it.
[09:03 am]
NudeRaider -- Fire_Kame
Fire_Kame shouted: ff sux
how so?
[07:52 am]
DT_Battlekruser -- hit the leaderboard, mission accomplished, back to bed
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