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[12:03 am]
sraw531 -- 100%. Well done.
[12:03 am]
Roy -- You might actually be thinking of Heinermann, and this topic:
[12:02 am]
sraw531 -- with nuke and recall theres scripts (at least in scmdraft2, I believe they are in the regular editor though)
[12:02 am]
sraw531 -- like lockdown, psi storm, feedback, optical flare, etc.
[12:01 am]
sraw531 -- spells as in convince computers to cast spells, not spell-casting systems.
[12:01 am]
martosss -- my advice would be to make it with something simpler ;) there are many simpler ways, like a barracks producing units that count as spells
[12:00 am]
sraw531 -- I seem to remember farty or roy having a thread that talked about farming spells, like what requirements for blind etc.
[11:58 pm]
sraw531 -- but just like you can farm scarabs and larva, you probably could farm buildings. Though, it would be about as difficult as farming spells.
[11:57 pm]
sraw531 -- I don't think you can preplace partially constructed buildings. People manually halt buildings in survivals all the time though.
[11:56 pm]
martosss -- I've seen partially completed buildings in some UMS ... maybe it was a zombie survival... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh maybe they were placed there from the beginning of the map .. that's 1 way to do it maybe ? place them in advance
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