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[06:00 pm]
Vrael -- take a poop on your supervisor's desk
[05:47 pm]
jjf28 -- Tell your coworkers he left you in charge
[05:39 pm]
Fire_Kame -- Welcome to faceless corporation RPG! You are a grunt for a faceless organization and your supervisor is out for the day. What do you do
[02:26 pm]
Arkane -- so i loaded up my mod's iscript.bin, added the .txt which contained the change i wanted, saved it as iscript.bin, compiled it in my .mpq. When i boot up my mod, nothing changed. Like, the game reverted back to its own iscript.
[02:25 pm]
Arkane -- I'm trying to give the EMP Missile attack a sound
[02:24 pm]
Arkane -- anyone here know how to IceCC?
[12:58 pm]
Arkane -- how do I give the EMP missile sound? it has no sound in its default. 3';
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