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Dungeon-Master's D&D
Dec 17 2009, 3:24 am
By: Dungeon-Master  

Dec 17 2009, 3:24 am Dungeon-Master Post #1

Dungeon-Master's DnD
256*256, Jungle tileset. The map will incluse basic and more advanced controls for DM and a good RPG system, with numerous spells for heroes, random enemy drop system and more.

There will also be everything we find in ye' old D&D map, like towns, NPC's, maybe a bit of pre-placed enemies etc.

  • Players
    Five Hero players, one Dungeon Master one CO DM and one computer
  • Map Tileset
    Jungle, I know I already said it but you simply just don't change a template that good.
  • Map Size

None thought of any yet.

  • The players will start by choosing a Hero. Each hero will have a specialty and a total of 5 spells activated with a Factory (any building that trains 5 units)

  • Random Enemy Drop System: Well i'l have a system like that, with a 1000 DC timer for the randomisation, making it possible to loot powerful rare Items as well as your old school 3$ drop that makes the player wonder why bother for this useless amount. As well as many other features, the DM will be able to toggle the Drop system on/off.

  • Basic inventory system that will let the heroes carry potions and a few boosting items. The weapons will be managed using upgrades unless someone can tell me how to make a good weapon system. As well as many other features, the DM will be able to toggle the boosting items on/off.

  • New Feature : The DM will be able to chose which spell the heroes will have with a basic system that I'l explain later, this system is TZ's idea. I will keep it simple and have hero specific spells, I do want to make it rather simple.

  • New Feature : The DM will be able to move the spawning unit faster with a Factory, making a unit will move the spawner 15 tiles up, down, left or right.

  • New Feature : The Chooser that spawns DM's units will have a location under him, this will detect if it has a certain unit near him, creating the chosen unit for the dm, this will save around 50 locations.

  • New Feature : Using a dropship or factory system, SOME of the heroes will be able to take out a shield (making their protoss shield continually coming back to 100% to sustain enemy fire) and the attack speed will considerably go down, making it a great defensive advantage, but rendering the player almost unable to attack.

  • New Feature : The heroes will NOT be able to receive units from the DM, because you usually can't control other units in the D&D games, the DM controls every new comers in the party in a real D&D game.

More to come

  • Heroes


    Strenghts: Being basically a tank, the Paladin is strong against groups of weak units as well as single powerful enemies.
    Weaknesses: Spread ranged enemies can heavily injure the paladin, and the lack of a party renders the paladin's healing spell less effective.


    Schools and spells



    Strenghts: Sneaking behind groups of enemies to hinder them, scout the battlefield farther ahead.
    Weaknesses: Direct fighting. The Thief, even if he is a respectable fighter, doesn't do well against harder foes, he is better in crawling behind the enemy and then hinder them with his other abilities.



    Strenghts: Single or few powerful enemies are no match for the Assassin's skills.
    Weaknesses: The time the Assassin takes to aim at critical body parts makes it hard to kill hordes of enemies, so the more enemies, the harder it is for the Assassin.



    Strenghts: The warrior's defensive abilities makes him a formidable tank, therefore his strenght is being in the front line bashing through enemies with his party.
    Weaknesses: Being alone. If surrounded by hordes, the warrior will have a hard time breaking away, and his heavy armor doesn't let him walk too fast.



    More heroes to come

  • Items
    •Health Potions (probably many sizes) only full health
    •Mana Potions (probably many sizes)
    •Scroll of Shrine portal (Teleports you back to the last visited shrine)
    •Throwing knives (Thief only)

More to come

First screenshot !!!
This is the DM's unit console, the creep replaces the beacon and the grid is just an eye candy.

This is the Money/XP console. The DM can chose to give or take 1,10,100,1000 or 10 000 XP or Ressources to/from heroes. I only triggered the ressources part yet, I am waiting to have a solid XP system before modifying XP with triggers.

This is a part of the DM's trigger console.

  • IDEAS (65%)
  • TERRAIN (5%)
  • TRIGGERS (8%)

  • 12/15/2009
    I started the map and the thread!
  • 12/16/2009
    Started the DM's console and uploaded a screenie.
  • 04/03/2010
    After two months of inactivity, I made good progress on the DM's console. I definately am going to continue creation more actively.
  • 04/04/2010
    I wrote all of the barbarian's abilities.
    I also wrote the paladin's abilities.
    And I also wrote the thief's abilities.
  • 04/05/2010
    I finished writing the Wizard's first school of magic: Abjuration.
  • 04/08/2010
    I decided to scrap the spell upgrades, instead, the heroes will be able to choose between a few spell sets, made to take the best out of every single spell, except for the Wizard, which will have spells I took from the book.
  • 04/10/2010
    Finished writing the two other schools: Divination and Enchantment.
  • 04/11/2010
    Finished writing the fourth school of magic for the wizard: Conjuration.
    Scrapped the
    Illusion school because it is too hard to impair the DM's vision on only one spot of the map.

Made with the Map Production template.

I need help to find more classes, spells(I'l use the spells from the D&D book) and classes units.

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Dec 17 2009, 5:04 am Marine Post #2

There are so many D&D maps, I hope to god this one surpasses the others.

So far it [by "it" I mean your ideas] looks nice, so long as you can actually put it all together like you say. D&D games usually require a LOT of locations, and with a lot of spells that number lessens. Watch your spell amount, hopefully you can multitask each location for multiple uses, like centering one location on each built unit and possibly using that same location as the effect loc. I realize this is sort of a different D&D already, but it still may use a lot of locs and it WILL take a long time to make it and fix bugs.

Obviously this is still just an idea. Suggestions:

A D&D game is like a mix between RPG and RP, so a storyline would be helpful and make it help set the mood for the story for what a player would ask; What is this? What do we do? What is the point of this? Why are we stuck here? etc.

Zealot or firebat best fits the paladin/warrior category for these types of games, so there's a good suggestion for that character. Also the dark templar is a good theif-ish character, stereotypical. Another good theif is the ghost. Since the assassin is even better for the DT, ghost would best fit theif, and Knight would either be a zealot, dragoon, or goliath. Again these are SUGGESTIONS OF WHAT ARE MOST USED IN RPG'S/RP'S as these characters. You don't have to use them, but I strongly suggest it.

Try to keep items to a minimum since they too use a lot of locations depending on what you do., assuming you don't mt them. Unless you use DC's as virtual items and you use a menu system via a shuttle + 8 units inside.

Don't make the DM's computers unless you plan on having preplaced units, terrain, towns, story things, quests, etc. That adds up with locations, triggers, and space all together.

Try to start as soon as possible on the map and get screenies up. Try to actually start the map before you post it on here so we get a better idea of what you're doing. Text alone might not be enough for most cases. If you keep the DM's as computers, it'll just be another RPG with the idea of a D&D with a set story instead of a true D&D, where the players create the story themselves and RP during the RPG.

All suggestions, try to get screenies again ASAP. Sounds like you have a good idea of what you're doing so far, but we need more information on absolutley everything before you can get real feedback from anyone and suggestions of what would make this map better. Of course nothing is made so far so nothing can be made "better" per say, but your ideas could be improved on.

Good luck! Keep at it. :teehee:


Dec 17 2009, 5:44 am Norm Post #3

From what I've gathered, he's building it with 1 player as the DM, with RP controls over everything, and a certain amount of other players who would fill the roles. Here's a few things:

1. More spells.
2. Don't make spells character specific, make MOST spells buyable / findable / givable to all players and only SOME SPELLS or SPECIAL ABILITIES (read: abilities that are not spells) character specific. DnD (I've only played it once) but I remember it's a lot about being able to customize EVERYTHING.
3. Equipment. You need an equipment and inventory system.
4. Storyline: NO. The DM is suppose to make it up as they go.
5. DM: RP Console needed. Ability to give players anything, ability to create any # of monsters anywhere. Ability to construct towns, villages, and any other thing they'd need to go with the story.
6. Characters: Traditional is good, but PLEASE make them more detailed and interesting. If I'm a thief, it better feel like it and more than "oh hey, my character is re-named thief" For example, give him the ability to pick locks. Give him speed and dexterity. Give him a bonus for using daggers instead of non-thief weapons. Give your paladin auras and healing spells, and a way to switch spell sets to where his offensive sword moves and anti-undead abilities are kept. Let him have character specific paladin shields that give bonuses.

I like what you did with the mage, but PLEASE do not make him tassadar unless you are creative and develop a way for him to transport more easily. (See: Illusionist from HS}.
7. Moar Items.
8. Drop system from kills.
9. Stat points for the players.
10. Make SURE you have both the DM and the player role interesting and worth playing.
11. Lots of interesting, yet open terrain. with only SOME areas smaller.


Dec 17 2009, 1:50 pm Dungeon-Master Post #4

This is the Wizard's Schools of magic and the spells. I currently only wrote one of them but I am slowly getting it done.
Wizard's Schools and spells

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Dec 17 2009, 9:43 pm Biophysicist Post #5

If I were you, I'd use turn-based combat instead of real-time, and use a sair with dweb for all in-game actions. This opens up a lot of possibilities, from directly manipulating units' HP without relying on traditional vHP, to things like XPH's On The Wall feat, which lets you run on walls.

If you're interested in this idea, hit me up on MSN. I'm interested in making this with you (though I'm really busy with BASW atm).


Dec 17 2009, 10:20 pm Dungeon-Master Post #6

I might just do that TZ, but I need to make something about the map, wich is why I am currently working on the DM's console.


Dec 17 2009, 10:25 pm Marine Post #7

If you decide to do TBC, make sure you make separate little battle zones off to the side of the map and keep the location of the hero in place.

My map I'm working on does this, but it's RTC inside the battle area. Play as player one and fight an enemy, I suggest doing something like this for your TBC system if you do it. Personally I suggest RTC battles on the actual map since it's a d&d and there will be [so far as I know] a human dm, TBC's will be long and tedious for the players, unless you find some way to make them a quick "boom boom boom" battle.

Open RPG.scx
Hits: 3 Size: 207.62kb


Dec 18 2009, 12:23 am JrOSTAD Post #8

didn't you say something about integrating my idea of stamina into it? that would be interesting


Dec 18 2009, 12:30 am Dungeon-Master Post #9

Yea, didn't took the time to say. But if it becomes TBC, I don't know how it will be THAT useful...


Dec 18 2009, 1:16 am Norm Post #10

No, if you do TBC, don't half ass it with separate areas. Have it so that when a TBC begins, your guys stay where they are and the environment they are currently in effects the battle. If you want to be really awesome, have their positions matter and distance away from the enemy decide if certain spells hit etc.


Dec 18 2009, 1:48 am Biophysicist Post #11

Advice needed: Is a real-time battle system better? We'd use a Dark Archon with Mind Control instead of a sair with dweb. The disadvantages are that it's harder to trigger and might lag a bit. The advantage is that it's real-time, which most people consider more fun.

EDIT: We've decided to stick with real-time.

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Dec 18 2009, 2:23 am Dungeon-Master Post #12

MAJOR edit
The TBC is scrapped, me and TZ decided that we would use dark archons for every hero, and that to attack, the hero has to MC the enemy. It will then create an attacking unit near the MC'd enemy.


Dec 18 2009, 2:33 am Biophysicist Post #13

Just to clarify, the point of using the DAs is so that we can have people use Mind Control to aim spells.


Dec 18 2009, 2:36 am Dungeon-Master Post #14

Yea this too...


Dec 18 2009, 2:36 am Norm Post #15

K.I.S.S ><


Dec 18 2009, 2:51 am Biophysicist Post #16

Quote from Norm
K.I.S.S ><
S.T.F.U. ><

Seriously, what's wrong with this system?


Dec 18 2009, 3:20 am Dungeon-Master Post #17

whats wrong with what system?


Dec 18 2009, 3:54 am Norm Post #18

It's needlessly complex for the purpose of the game. Why would you need to MC aim spells in a D&D map? Needlessly complicated.


Dec 18 2009, 1:16 pm Dungeon-Master Post #19

Its TZ's fault ! I wanted it to be rather simple, but he came in with this Idea xD as long as he does all the triggering for the system, i'm ok with that !


Dec 18 2009, 8:38 pm Biophysicist Post #20

Actually, I think I have a better idea than using the MC system. Here's how it works: There's a Hive for each player. Morph a unit at the Hive to activate one of your "feats". (You can select a new feat every few levels.) Additionally, you have three class-specific abilities, which are cast by researching an upgrade at the Hive. That gives each player 11 special abilities in total.

Class proposals:

Unit: Zealot
-Archery: Summons a Lurker under your for a few attacks.
-Power Attack: Turns you into a Fenix Zealot for just long enough to attack once.
-Resilience: Gives you bonus armor for a while.
Notes: One of the main combat classes (which should comprise the majority of the party). Designed to be an easy class for new players.

Unit: High Templar (NOT TASSADAR)
-Rechannel: Lowers your HP and gives your Templar full energy.
-Body Fuel: Lowers your HP and gives you bonus mana.
-Arcane Fire: Turns you into a Tassadar which can attack.
Notes: Very fragile character, as he is dependent on hurting himself to attack. Can cast Psionic Storm and Hallucination.

I have to go now, but I have some more character ideas which I'll post when I get back.

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