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Apr 25 2009, 6:58 pm
By: -BW-Map_God  

Apr 25 2009, 6:58 pm -BW-Map_God Post #1

I still have the total conversion, and I actually have version 2 of it which was the unreleased one (since Blizzard made infoceptor stop and all) but it only runs on Windows 98 currently because of some of the old programs that it uses (mainly CWADS). If anyone is interested in updating it (EXE2MPQ + Firegraft) so that it can be played on Vista/Windows XP then let me know and I can get it to you. I would try myself but I haven't really delved into modding much before...just collecting lots of mods. I used to have contact to the main maker of the mod but have since lost contact. I am sure he would be happy to see it run again though. The starcraft folder version of it I have it about 185 megs. It was a really good TC back in the day and more completed than most Total Conversions. The fact they finished version one and released a version 2 attests to that. Though from what I recall version 2 was never officially released since blizzard made them shut it down.

Warcraft 3 Conversion Alpha V2.0 PC VERSION
By Infoceptor

Thank you for Downloading Warcraft 3 Conversion Alpha V2.0, below will
list Installation, War3 TC Serversm, Usage, Features, Credits, Known Bugs and some Miscellaneous Things.
Please read this before attempting to run the Conversion.

This Zip comes with the following files:

-war3tc.exe: This is the File used to run the Conversion.
-patch_rt.mpq: The MPQ file which contains the majority of the TC's data.
-readme.txt: Your Reading it now
-*.smk files: The Portrait files for the Conversion

It's fun and addictive!

All three races, Demons, Orcs and Humans have been totally balanced to deliver a great
Multiplayer experience. However should you have any suggestions on balance issues, please
send them to:

Known Bugs:
Here is a list of the current Known Bugs of the TC which we will strive to get rid of.

- Do NOT use the badlands terrain, it's in the process of been converted and hence will crash the game...

- Human AI won't work due to the fact that their tech-tree ahs been changed around so much.
So when playing vs comps, make the comps be ieither demons or Orcs

All other bugs have already been fixed.

Patch History:

Warcraft 3 Conversion Alpha V2.0

-Converts Creep to Magma
-Converts More Demon Names, including buildings and weapons
-Converts 15 more Wireframes, fixed previous wireframe bugs
-Complete Remodeling of Alliance Tech Tree
-Addition of new commands to nearly all units/buildings
-Rebalanciing of all units
-Addition of Exclusive Server for Warcraft 3

-ADDS the following Spells to War3TC
Poison Spear: Troll Ability
Death and Decay: Death Knight Ability
Mana Conversion: Death Knight Ability
Lightning Bolt: Shaman Ability
Demolish: Dwarven Mortar Team Ability
Frenzy: Balrog Ability

-ADDS the following units into the Warcraft 3 Conversion
Horde Minataur
Orc Shaman
Undead Doom Rider
Troll Axethrower
Human Sorceress (Temporary Graphics)
Human Archmage
Dwarven Dragonslayer
Dwarven Mortar Team
Human Crusader
Legion Balrog
Legion Warlock (Temporary Graphics)

-ADDS the following new buildings into War3 TC
Legion Barracks

-Converts the following units to Warcraft 3
Medic ------> Elven Priest

-Converts the following structures to Warcraft 3
Hydralisk Den ------>Orb of Power
Sunken Colony ------>Pyrocannon
Spore Colony ------>Blood Cannon
Spawning Pool ------>Mutator
Comsat Station ------>Shrine

-Converts the following spells and special abilities to Warcraft 3
Plague ------ >Poison Cloud
Maelstorm ---- > Power Word Stun
Mind Control --- > Enslave
Parasite --- > Suggestion
Stim Pack ----> Blood Lust

-Enhanced the Following Units:
Beholder---------> Idle Animations Improved
Storm Rider ------ > Adds Team Colored Armband
Archdemon ------ > Adds Team Color
Chaos Slime ------ > Adds Team Color
Specter ---- > Graphics Complete
Catapult ---- > Adds Attack Animations, Can attack over Ramps

-Enhanced the Following Spell Graphics
Blizzard ----- > Can Damage Buildings
Meteor Shower ----- > Graphics Overhaul

-Converts the Following Missile Graphics
Seeker Spore --- > Blood Star
Hydralisk Spine ---- > Frost Breadth

-More Icons Converted, Color Enhancement

-Converts the Following Portraits
Doom Rider
Elven Priest
Bone Demon

-Enhances Many Other Portraits

-Updated Warcraft 3 TC Splash Screen
-Fixes Efreet Bug
-Fixes Random Crash Bug
-Fixes Pacifist Bug
-Fixed Sprite Overload Bug
-Fixed Orc AI Crash Bug

Warcraft 3 Conversion Alpha V1.0

-Converts Stats on Many 'Hero Units'
-Converts All Zerg Unit/Weapon names to that of War3
-Converts All Build Commands to that of War3-Alters the Unit Speeds of All Demon Units to that of War 3
-Converts 7 more Wireframes]
-Includes Special War3 Simulation Scenario

-Converts the Following Unit Graphics:
Zergling------> Demonspawn
Corsair------> Orc Raider
Dark Templar------>Undead Wraith
Hydralisk------>Storm Rider
Broodling------>Green Slime
Goliath------>Dwarven Riflemen
Scourge------>Bone Demon
Guardian------>Demon Lord
Egg------>Warping Portal
Caccoon------>Black Vortex
Larvae------>Pulsating Energy
Dragoon------>Troll Hunter
Infested Marine------>Skeleton (Temporary)
Devourer------>Spectre (Temporary)

-Converts the Following Hero Unit Graphics:
Alan Schezar------>Dwarven Dragonslayer
Fenix------>Troll Axethrower

-Enhanced the Following Units:
Bone Demon---------> Enhanced Movement and Death Animations
Mage---------> Enhanced Meteor Shower Summoning Animations

-Converts the Following Spell Graphics
Nuclear Launch -------> Meteor Shower
Ensnare ------> Cloud of Confusion
Dark Swarm------> Reign of Darkness
Spawn Broodling------> Subvert Slime

-Converts the Following Structure Graphics
Nydus Canal -------> Chaos Portal

-Enhances the Following Structure Graphics
Runestone -------> Adds Charging Animation

-Converts the Following Missile Graphics
Lurker Spines -----------> Inferno Fire
Glave wurms -----------> Demon Fire
Acid Spore -----------> Shadow Bolt
Ultra Attack -----------> Inferno
Hydralisk Spines -----------> Lightning Bolt
Twin Gauss Cannons----------> Rifle Shell

-Dramatically Enhanced the Missile Graphics
Lightning Bolt -----------> Electric Trail Added
Gaze of Hatred -----------> Adds Death Ray
Dragon Fireball -----------> Now Glows

-All Demon Unit Shadows Converted!

-More Demon Icons Converted, Icons Enhanced

-Converts the Following Portraits
Dwarven Rifleman

-Enhances Many Other Portraits

-Updated Warcraft 3 TC Splash Screen
-Enhances Main Menu Appearance
-Converts Interface Screen, and Demon Mission Briefing Screen
-Reallocates Button Placing
-Converts Mission Briefing Interface Graphics

-Fixes Efreet Bug

Warcraft 2 Alpha V4.0

-Converts Many Heroes stats to that of War 2
-Converts All Build/Command/Spell names to that of War2
-Balanced Previous Multiplayer balance Issues. Details at Infoceptor
-Alters the Unit Speeds of All Units to fit that of War2!
-Converts Most Orc Building and Unit Wireframes

-Converts the Following Unit Graphics:
Siege Tank------>Gnomish Cannon
Arbiter------>Land Death Knight

-Converts the Following Hero Graphics:
Danimoth------->Terron Gorefield on Red Dragon

-Dramatically Enhanced the Following Units:
Death Knight ------> Movement, Walking, Animations added. Attack Animation Enhanced.
Gnomish Flying Machine------> Propellar Animations Added
Dwarven Warrior-------> Attack Animation Added
Grunt--------> Perfected Animation, Enhanced Death Animation
Dragon-------> Flaping Animation Enhanced, Adds Attack Animation
Air Elemental-------> Adds 3d Shimmering Effect, Adds Attack Animation
Troll---------> Movement, Death and Attack Animations Perfected
Bone Demon---------> Enhanced Movement and Death Animations
Mage---------> Enhanced Movement and Death Animations,
Necrolyte---------> Enhanced Death Animation, Black Warp Shadow Added
Ogre Spirit---------> Graphics Completely Redone
Beholder-------> Team Colors Fixed, Adds Death Animation
Footman---------> Fire Removed, Attack and Movement Animations Enhanced
Peon---------> Offensive Animations Added
Peasant------> Offensive Animations Added

-Converts the Following Spell Graphics
Psi Storm -------> Blizzard
Irradiate------> Whirlwind
EMP Shockwave------> Exorcism
Shield Battery Recharge ------> Demonic Energy Recharge
Disruption Web------> Chaos Storm

-Converts the Following Structure Graphics
Nuke Silo -------> RuinStone
Physics Lab------> Tower of Sorcery
Stargate------> Storm Spire
Shield Battery------> Beacon of the Damned
Armoury------> Dwarven Lodge
Refinery------> Human Refinery

-Enhances the Following Structure Graphics
Alter of Storms -------> Adds Research Animation
Ogre Mound------> Adds Idle Animation
Mage Tower------> Adds Research Animation
Orc Foundry------> Adds Production Animation
Human Blacksmith------> Adds Research Animation
Orc Blacksmith------> Adds Research Animation

-Converts the Following Missile Graphics
Plasma Shockwave -----------> Force of Fury
Canister Rifle -----------> Demon Fire

-Dramatically Enhanced the Missile Graphics
Cannon Ball -----------> Exploding Impact Added
Storm Hammer -----------> Plasma Trail and Exploding Impact Added
Gaze of Hatred -----------> 3 Eyes instead of 2
Arrow-----------> Speed Hastened
Lightning-----------> Chain Lightning Effect Added
Catapult Rock-----------> Red Explosion, Scarab now Flies

-Converts the Following Miscellaneous Graphics
Psi Flame -------> Orange Flame
Starcraft Structure Ruins------> Warcraft Structure Ruins
Blood Splatter------> Human Corpse
Dragoon Corpse ------> Horde Corpse
Shield Flare------> Unholy Energy Flare

-All Unit Shadows Converted!
-All Structure Shadows Converted!
-More Icons Converted

-Converts the Following Portraits
Terron Gorefiend
Necrolyte - New Version
Gnome Cannon

-Enhances Many Other Portraits

-Updated Warcraft 2 TC Splash Screen
-Converts Main Menu Appearance
-Converts Interace Screen, and Misiion Briefing Screens
-Reallocates Butoon Placings
-Converts Mission Briefing Interface Graphics

-Fixes Weakness Crash Bug

Warcraft 2 Alpha V3.0

-Converts Hero Stats Existing in the Preview Campaign to that of War 2
-Converts Hero names to that of War2
-Balanced Previous Multiplayer balance Issues. Details at Starcraft Infoceptor
-Alters the Unit Speeds of All Air Units!
-Converts Nearly All Icons!

-Converts the Following Unit Graphics:
Dragoon------>Troll Beserker
Arbiter------>Death Knight
Dark Archon------->Efreeti
Goliath----------->Dwarven Warrior
Dragon Corpse----->Orc Corpse
Marine Blood------>Human Corpse

-Dramatically Enhanced the Following Units:
Knight ------> Attacking + Movement Animations Added
Gryphon------> Attacking + Movement Animations Added
Dragon-------> Movement Frames Added
Grunt--------> Smoother Animation
Wraith-------> Attacking Animations Added
Peon---------> Harvesting + Movement Animations Added
Peasant------> Harvesting + Movement Animations Added

-Converts the Following Structure Graphics
Machine Shop -------> Gnomish Siege Workshop
Robotics Support Bay------> Goblin Siege Workshop

-Converts the Following Missile Graphics
Missiles -----------> Arrow
Halo Rockets -------> Lightning
Fragmentation Grenades------->Storm Hammer
Gemini Missiles------------>Cannon Ball
Anti Matter Missiles--------->Gaze of Hatred
Disruption Cannon------------>Throwing Axe

-Converts the Following Sounds
Sword Clang
Arrow Fire
Death Coil
All Death Knight Sounds
Air Elemental Sounds

-Converts the Following Portraits
Floating Citadel
Gnome Cannon

-Improved Warcraft 2 TC Splash Screen
-Converts Mission Victory/Defeat Splash Screen
-Converts Main Menu Appearance
-Converts Campaign Button Animations

-Fixes Weakness Crash Bug

Warcraft 2 Alpha V2.0

-Converts the Heroes Stats Existing in the Preview Missions to that of War2
-Converts the Weapons Names into the of War2
-Balances Previous Multiplayer Balance Issues. Details of Changes are at Starcraft Infoceptor.
-Adds a Preview Mission featuring full sound/trigger support.
-Converts of Human Ranking Names

-Converts the following unit Graphics:
Shuttle------>Orc Transport
Dark Templar------>Bone Demon
Valkyrie------>Air Elemental
Mineral Batch----->Log

-Converts the Following Portraits:
Dark Archon----->Efreeti
Observer----->Goblin Zepplin
Marine------>Elven Archer
Wraith----->Gnomish Flying Machine
Battlecruiser------->Griffon Rider
Fenix------>Gromtak Half-Orc
Dark Templar------>Bone Demon

-Converts The Following Structure Graphics
Missile Turrent------>Human Cannon Tower
Covert Ops---->Mage Tower
Mineral Patch Type 1----->Trees

-Converts The following Sounds
-All Dragon Sounds

-Updates Starcraft Splash Screen

Warcraft 2 Alpha V1.0

-Converts the Unit Data into that of War2
-Converts the Structure Data into that of War2
-Converts all Miscellaneous Data to that of War2
-Converts all Unit/Structure/Spell txt to that of War2

-Converts the following unit Graphics:
High Templar------>Necrolyte
Archon------>Ogre Spirit of Vengeance
Observer----->Goblin Zepplin
Marine------>Elven Archer
Wraith----->Gnomish Flying Machine
Science Vessel------>Floating Citadel
Battlecruiser------->Griffon Rider
DropShip--------->Human Transport

-Converts the Following Spells/Special Abilities
Defensive Matrix--->Holy Armor
EMP Shockwave---->Exorcism
Irradiate------>Fire Ball
Yomato Cannon----->Ice Bolt
Psychic Storm----->Petrify
Disruption Web----->Enfeeblement
Feedback----->Anti Magic
Maelstorm----->Power Word Stun
Mind Control---->Enslavement
Optic Flare----->Power Word Blind

-Converts Countless Structure Graphics
-Converts Sounds for Lots of units
-Converts Starcraft Splash Screen

A Full list of credits can be foudn by clicking on the creidts button while runnign the

Editing of Image.dat and Iscript.bin
Editing of Flingy.dat
All Stargraft Editng
Addition all New Spells
Addition of All New Special Abilities
Tech tree Remodeling
The Enhancement of All Units
Technical Datafile Editing
Creator of Minotaur, Wraith, Dwarven Rifleman and Orc Raider graphics
Conversion of Nearly All Unit Graphics
Conversion of Nearly All Missile Graphics
Conversion of all Spell Graphics
Conversion of all Hero Graphics
Conversion and Majority of Portraits
Enhancement of All Portraits
Enhancement of All Missiles
Conversion of all Shadows
Creator of Meteor Shower
Conversion of Mission briefing Interface
The Addition of Frames for Units, Missiles and Spells
Further Frame Editing Research
Terran Dependent Buildings
Conversion of Many New Structures
Writing In Game Credits
Conversion of Victory/Defeat Splash Screens

Deathwing: (
Director of Conversion Project
Conversion of Creep
Conversion of Terrain
Conversion of Statistic Datafiles,
Conversion of Some Unit Graphics.
Conversion of Some Structure Graphics.
Conversion of Txt Files
Conversion of A Few Sounds
Creation of MPQ and Readme
Multiplayer Balancing
Unit Design Conception
Warcraft 3 TC Website Design
Publication Write ups
Storyline Design
Spell Effect Concepting

Brood Keeper:
3D Orc Buildings (Obsidian Spire, Great Hall, Cannon Tower)
3D Refinery, Shrine
Creator of Legion Mutator

Scorched ICE:
Conversion of all Demon Structures except Portal and Mutator

Conversion of Orc Building Wireframes
Conversion of Orc Unit Wireframes
Conversion of Human Building Wireframes
Conversion of Demon unit Wireframes

Wind of the Past:
Concept of Catapult and Deathknight
Conversion of Orc and Human Campaign Buttons
Some Portrait Conversions
A Lot of Structure Graphics
Some Unit Sound Conversions
Conversion of Axe, Arrow and Gaze of Hatred

Great 3rd Party Campaign

Clada Coro:
Conversion of Cursor
MPQ Archivist

Undead Wraith gfx (War2 version)
50% of Demon Lord gfx

Elven Priest gfx (War2 version)

Death Knight:
Paladin gfx (War2 version)

Animated Altar of Storms (War2 version)

Animated Ogre Mound (War2 version)

Creation of Warcraft 3 Simluation Map

CDR Kyle:
Conversion of Some Structures
Some Sound Conversions

Some Structure Conversions

Rituals of Rebirth Staff:
Supplying War2 Versions of Beholder, Air Elemental, Troll Hunter and a few Building Animations,
Portrait Concepting

Conversion of a few Structures

Storyline Suggestions/Editing

Kyle Kartan:
Some Unit Sound Conversions

Some Unit Sound Conversions

Beta Testers:
Dark Knight
Winds of the Past

If I missed anyone, tell me!

Warcraft 3 Conversion Upgrade V2.2

What it does:

- Weakens Storm Rider, Air Elemental and Troll Hunter
- Minotaurs, Beholders, Bone Demon, Balrog, Efreet,

Sorceress cost less
- Sorceress Spells Cost less Energy, Sorceress

- Buildings now have 3 Armor instead of 1
- Cannon Towers Improved

- Fixes Sprite Overload Bug Completely
- Enhanced Title Screen
- Fixed Many More Hotkey Errors
- Addition of 2 new Building Sounds


Hotkey Fixed
Addition of 2 new Sounds

Balance Changes
Fixed of Sprite Overload Bug

Title Screen Enhancement

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Apr 25 2009, 9:46 pm IskatuMesk Post #2

Lord of the Locker Room

Hmmm. I thought there was a 3.0 version? I remember there being one. Can't remember what my version is.

Show them your butt, and when you do, slap it so it creates a sound akin to a chorus of screaming spider monkeys flogging a chime with cacti. Only then can you find your destiny at the tip of the shaft.

Apr 25 2009, 10:21 pm -BW-Map_God Post #3

You might be right, check the readme files on your version. I remember the last version of it they couldn't officially release because Blizzard had shut it down at that point (copyright and all). I thought I had gotten a copy of that version later from Infoceptor but maybe he didn't have it anymore and I got the version before it. Not sure. But yea, if someone has a more recent version than me that could be converted to work on Windows Vista/XP then even more awesome :D!


Apr 25 2009, 10:37 pm IskatuMesk Post #4

Lord of the Locker Room

iirc it didn't have a readme; at least none of mine did (guys just sent me the mpq and that's that). If I don't have it I used to know someone who did. I'm almost certain there's a 3.0 file somewhere.

It's a decent mod graphic-wise but it's unstable from ICE and Arsenal corruption.

Show them your butt, and when you do, slap it so it creates a sound akin to a chorus of screaming spider monkeys flogging a chime with cacti. Only then can you find your destiny at the tip of the shaft.

Apr 26 2009, 2:11 am -BW-Map_God Post #5

Ah...hmm. I just remembered now I asked Infoceptor (like 3-4 years ago I think) for 3.0 but he hadn't backed it up. So no idea who would have it. I remember it running pretty stably I played it over network a lot with my brother back in the day. And honestly I enjoyed it more than the real Warcraft III :P.


Apr 26 2009, 3:56 am IskatuMesk Post #6

Lord of the Locker Room

For me both versions crashed long before I could finished any significantly sized game with computers.

Show them your butt, and when you do, slap it so it creates a sound akin to a chorus of screaming spider monkeys flogging a chime with cacti. Only then can you find your destiny at the tip of the shaft.

Apr 26 2009, 6:01 am -BW-Map_God Post #7

Maybe it was because of the terrain type you were playing on or because of computers. I mainly just remember finishing a lot of multiplayer games without computers and I think we only found like one way to crash the game...I think it was one of the unit spells maybe.


Apr 27 2009, 3:05 am Vi3t-X Post #8

Can you upload it? The link on Infoceptor is broken.


Apr 27 2009, 4:36 am -BW-Map_God Post #9

Quote from Vi3t-X
Can you upload it? The link on Infoceptor is broken.

It's kinda big and I think we are trying to figure out if anyone has 3.0 first anyway. I don't have the zipped version just my old copy of it installed on what I believe is Starcraft 1.07..its hard to say though since I can't run it because I don't have a windows 98 system for running cwads anymore.


Apr 27 2009, 7:05 am Praecipitator Post #10

hm, i thought I had version 3, but the file is called war3tcV2_2.exe, so i guess it's the same as you have.
I also think I have seen version 3 somewhere, and even had downloaded it.
I believe some guy called Ojan(?) from Smempire could have it...


Apr 27 2009, 9:27 am IskatuMesk Post #11

Lord of the Locker Room

Ah yeah. Ojan would definitely have it.

Show them your butt, and when you do, slap it so it creates a sound akin to a chorus of screaming spider monkeys flogging a chime with cacti. Only then can you find your destiny at the tip of the shaft.

Apr 27 2009, 8:00 pm -BW-Map_God Post #12

Ah well one of ya'll able to get a hold of him and get it from him. I assume 3.0 also only works on windows 98 since it should be in the same format but if its out there it would obviously be the best one to convert. Hopefully that guy didn't delete it at some point :-).


Apr 28 2009, 1:01 am bajadulce Post #13

For Some reason I have the .pat file for War3TC. Not sure what version it is or whether this is something that is included in most of the .zip packages. About a year or so ago, I converted it to FGraft 1.15.0 .exe just so I could check it out. Not a bad mod and the graphics were ripped/converted to the SCraft palette pretty well. The gameplay is pretty stale compared to todays modern mod tho.

Anywho, I have the .pat and can upload it if needed.


Apr 28 2009, 1:30 am A_of-s_t Post #14

aka idmontie

lol. And once again, baja comes in to save the day.

Personal GitHub
Starcraft GitHub Organization - Feel free to request member status!

Apr 28 2009, 3:07 am -BW-Map_God Post #15

Quote from bajadulce
For Some reason I have the .pat file for War3TC. Not sure what version it is or whether this is something that is included in most of the .zip packages. About a year or so ago, I converted it to FGraft 1.15.0 .exe just so I could check it out. Not a bad mod and the graphics were ripped/converted to the SCraft palette pretty well. The gameplay is pretty stale compared to todays modern mod tho.

Anywho, I have the .pat and can upload it if needed.

Any readme files in it that might indicate what version it is? Either way though if it works on 1.15.0 then it would work on Windows XP/Vista. Probably too big to put up on SEN though. Try and find out what version it is and how big it is, maybe we can get it up on a or something.


Apr 28 2009, 3:22 am IskatuMesk Post #16

Lord of the Locker Room

I can host it if desired.

Show them your butt, and when you do, slap it so it creates a sound akin to a chorus of screaming spider monkeys flogging a chime with cacti. Only then can you find your destiny at the tip of the shaft.

Apr 28 2009, 5:38 pm melnikov Post #17

download link?


Apr 29 2009, 8:44 pm -BW-Map_God Post #18

I only have 2.2 and 2.0 so I think we are waiting for one of the guys that hopefully has 3.0 to upload it somewhere. Sounds like bajadulce already converted what he had which is hopefully 3.0 I guess if he contacts IskatuMesk about hosting then maybe it can be up for everyone to check out soon :-).


Apr 30 2009, 3:46 am bajadulce Post #19

Here's the deal:
I've converted War3TC to 1.16.1FGraft since it has no .exe edits. The version I have is 2.02. There were some things that had to be fixed however:

1. stat_txt.tbl was broken. The final strings were jumbled together and missing crucial post 1.07 replay button strings and more.
2. There were a few action/requirement strings that were using values higher than 1546 and didn't exist on my stat_txt.tbl and thus crashing the game when you hovered over those buttons.
3. Some of the .bin files do not match 1.16.1 and were updated.
4. Added all of the portrait folder to the .exe itself.
5. iscript.bin is unopenable, but functions in game.

Anywho, there are a few buttons that need new string action/requirements that my .pat conversion didn't handle, but not many. For the most part it is very accurate and plays great even on Bnet! :). I am a little busy right now with a big golf tournament all this week, but will try to fix these some time this weekend and then upload it. The file is about 12mb with the portraits included in the .exe. I would really like to write a quick custom aiscript for the mod as well. Tho, I've been dropping hints of that one for the past year or so now. Nonetheless, it will get uploaded sometime soon. Stay Frosty in the meantime.


Apr 30 2009, 5:58 am -BW-Map_God Post #20

Wow, awesome, thanks for your great work helping to revive this... I am sure infoceptor would be proud :D. Keep us posted, glad to hear you got it working on Maybe the time has come for a fun total conversion league... I always wanted to start an STF one but then kept changing versions faster than STF could :-(. That War 3 TC is nostalgic though, I remember liking it more than actually playing warcraft 3 :D.

Edit: Still staying frosty and hoping for a release soon :-).

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