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[Dodging] Touhou Shooting 12 UFO
Apr 10 2023, 11:54 pm
By: TheHappy115  

Apr 10 2023, 11:54 pm TheHappy115 Post #1

Touhou Shooting 12 UFO

Map Details:
Players: 4 Player Map (Requires Player 1)
(Can be played with any amount of players and scales accordingly)
Map size: 256x256
Filesize: 6911.88kb
Map Maker: Happy115
Requires: Starcraft Remastered
Category: Dodging/Bound
Current Version: 1.0
EUD Usage: Yes (Location and Collision EUDs only)

Download: You can download directly from here in the file below OR download it at

- Choose between 4 different difficulties
- Fight 7 different bosses
- Attempt to collect points
- Boss Fighting Music
- Replayable Stages/Bosses
- Bonus challenge modes (Pacifist and Perfect Mode)
- Practice Mode - Choose a stage and difficulty with infinite lives

Info on Map Creation:
- This is a "loose" SCBW Replication of the game called Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object. The original game series was made by ZUN
- This map was inspired after playing Touhou Shooting and Touhou Shooting 3.0 (Which Reflect TH6 and TH7). This is meant as a more "upgraded" format
- Map contains ONLY death counters. The only Wait Trigger used in the entire map is the basic Hyper Trigger setup.

  • Game Start

  • Dodging and Lives

  • Inflicting Damage to Boss

  • Boss's Attacks

  • Point System

Easy: For beginners that have poor reaction time, extremely high ping, or trying out dodging for first time
Normal: For people wanting to learn the basics of enemy attacks and abilities
Hard: For people wanting a bit of a challenge at dodging
Lunatic: For people confident in their dodging skills. (Yes, all standard and special attack are doable)

Screenshots on Lunatic Difficulty:

Hope you enjoy playing!

Touhou Shooting 12 UFO v1.00.scx
Hits: 0 Size: 6911.88kb

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Jul 25 2023, 4:12 am TheHappy115 Post #2

Major Update: Touhou Shooting 12 UFO

Version: v1.00 RELEASE

Major Changes:
- Menu UI has been added list available features and mode. This includes 6 options listed as "Story Mode" "Extra Stage" "Practice Mode" "Perfect Mode" "Map Info" and "Pacifist Mode"
Game-Mode Descriptions

- Stages are now replayable any number of times regardless of winning or losing. Difficulty can be adjusted when reselecting your desired mode too.
- Upon your team losing all lives, you will now "Game Over" and be sent to the starting UI Menu (This is NOT a defeat condition and you can rechoose your mode without having to rehost the game).
- Completing the Extra Stage will now beat the game and give victory.
- Player 1 is now required (player that interacts with the Starting Menu UI)

Other Changes:
- The main used bullet hitboxes have been slightly reduced about 15%. Zerg Scourge and Protoss Observers remain the same size visually but their "collision" and hitbox are now smaller. This also means its easier to dodge them. (Does not apply to other bullets)
- Player collision has been reduced by about 99%. This means you can now stack players on top of each other and should no longer have body blocking issues.
- Animation errors on some lasers have been fixed.
- The boss will now have a "Number" left of their healthbar. This displays the number of lives they have remaining (or Health bars remaining). This number will instantly increment down the moment a spell card is beaten.
- Certain attacks have had their attacks changed.
Kogasa Tatara (Stage 2 Boss)

Minamitsu Murasa (Stage 4 Boss)

Shou Toramaru (Stage 5 Boss)

Byakuren Hijiri (Stage 6 Boss)

- Lives count has been reduced. Points no longer give lives to ally players and only give the rewarded player +1 life instead of 2.
- Probably other changes not mentioned and don't remember. Whoops!

New Screenshots:

Additional Info:
Extra Stage versus Nue - If you are not on Pacifist mode, she has abilities which spawn "UFOs" (ghosts). These are actually killable requiring ~20 hits each. These units are temporary but will fire bullets at you so you can choose to kill the UFOs or target Nue instead. The UFOs will always take priority fire over Nue, but your shot will still fire upwards (this means you will hit UFOs below Nue, but not ones above her). Alternatively, your "back" or downward "shot" does NOT target UFOs but can still hit the boss (Nue).

Thanks for playing!

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Vrael -- and as of today they dont owe you a dime for anything their AI generates in your style, unless you can win that battle in court
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NudeRaider -- Dem0n
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Zoan -- and tbh no, this is exactly the type of thing ai should be used for. Now if you were monetizing it, I would say you should emohasize you used ai for the voicelines
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Zoan -- he asked if "am I now crossing a line"
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Dem0n -- who said you were crossing a line
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