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Any fun but easy LotRish recommendations?
Feb 16 2023, 6:57 am
By: genevaexpression  

Feb 16 2023, 6:57 am genevaexpression Post #1

Been looking for some good LotRishes to play and unfortunately I'm not quite APM skilled enough to play most of the popular ones like LotRish vs CPU. However I did stumble upon a Lotrish Ocarina of Time which included an easy mode where enemies didn't upgrade so aggressively and all defenses were vulnerable (usually a few of them are invulnerable no matter what to make it more difficult)

I really enjoyed it since I could actually beat it but I was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations for easy Lotrishes?


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[06:41 pm]
Ultraviolet -- don't threaten me with a good time
[03:25 pm]
Vrael -- you know, that sounds like fun
[2024-7-12. : 1:56 pm]
Oh_Man -- threaten me with completing tenebrous, that would really scare me straight i promise
[2024-7-12. : 12:34 pm]
Vrael -- I'll diagnose you as sane and give you a clean bill of health (also a threat)
[2024-7-12. : 9:39 am]
Oh_Man -- my psychologist diagnosed me as sane - clean bill of health. i even got a "certificate of saneness"
[2024-7-11. : 9:43 pm]
Vrael -- (that was a threat)
[2024-7-11. : 9:42 pm]
Vrael -- I'll psych counsel you for the reason you think
[2024-7-11. : 6:56 pm]
NudeRaider -- yeah, I agree, you need psych counseling, just not for the reason you think :awesome:
[2024-7-11. : 5:16 pm]
Oh_Man -- do u hav any idea the humilation i suffer from my friends every time i lag out on starcraft with my liquid cooled 4090 and 13900K? blizzard needs to pay for my psychological counselling
[2024-7-11. : 5:14 pm]
Oh_Man -- at this point i shuld make a montage, a walk of shame if u will, of all my pet peeves with SC DEMASTER
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