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Remastered portraits pack
Jan 12 2020, 1:51 pm
By: jun3hong  

Feb 14 2021, 8:03 am jun3hong Post #21

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Good, it's a start. Now I'm wondering if one of the custom portrait authors from old times can be reached and persuaded to re-render some of their stuff in high resolution. There were truly exceptional fully custom portraits for the original SC, but it took a few years for them to appear (around 2003-4 was when the scene really did bloom, I think).

Thought I'd chime in since I made quite a few custom portraits like 12 years ago.

I made all of them with a program called Poser, and I'm not convinced I still have the source files for all of them. A few of them I'm positive I don't. Some of them also probably would not look all that good in a higher resolution, because, admittedly, some of them looked kinda gnarly before they got shrunk down, after which they looked pretty good.

I'm not actually sure I still have the hard drive that I made all of those on, but I'm not ruling it out because there's a chance that I do and that the drive still runs.

There's probably only two or three portraits that I'd consider re-rendering -- C.W. Reffner (the blonde green marine, although he'd look SUPER janky), a marine woman who wasn't looking at the camera, and a blonde woman with goggles over her head with a very mechanic vibe to her. Honestly, the last one is the one I'd be least likely to do because the remastered Dropship is pretty close to what I was kind of going for.

All three of them were supposed to be for a mini-campaign I wanted to do called Seren Colony that (judging from the very small notes I left and the few maps I had sketched/done for it back in 2008) was going to involve a lot of defense-oriented maps with one half of the force being controlled by the AI (either resource gathering or the actual defending part). Was supposed to be set before Episode 1 and be about a horribly mismanaged and, in some cases, "mismanaged", border colony.
Thanks for chiming in. I have (probably) all of your old portraits for Classic even though I'm not modding that one anymore (short of probably getting some of the old stuff updated... down the track). If there is anything to be released sometime, I'll be the first in line to ask for a permission to use these. :)

Given that I've basically been out of doing anything with SC1 for over 10 years (outside playing it on my own) you don't need to ask. I'm honestly really happy (not to mention very surprised) that other people did remastered versions of edits that I made back then.

Again, thank you for your amazing works. I'm glad you come here.


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