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[help] starting energy
Aug 10 2019, 7:18 pm
By: Lagi  

Aug 10 2019, 7:18 pm Lagi Post #1

I try to set starting energy more than 50. I check all GPTP can not find it (there is max energy 250 or 200 to be modify).

Would like to change it globally for each unit to be let say 100. But would appreciate to know how to set it for each individual unit as well.

in Firegradt there is exe edit for Spellcaster, select custom caster and second option set energy, but I dont know how to set it up.

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Sep 2 2019, 9:44 pm Lagi Post #2

still dont know how to set higher starting energy,

but nice thing - energy update increase reg speed by 25%. Just put into game hook.cpp

//energy upgrade +25%energy regeneration rate

(unit->id == UnitId::ghost && (scbw::getUpgradeLevel(unit->playerId, UpgradeId::MoebiusReactor)) && !(unit->status & UnitStatus::Cloaked)) ||
(unit->id == UnitId::wraith && (scbw::getUpgradeLevel(unit->playerId, UpgradeId::ApolloReactor)) && !(unit->status & UnitStatus::Cloaked)) ||
(unit->id == UnitId::battlecruiser && (scbw::getUpgradeLevel(unit->playerId, UpgradeId::ColossusReactor))) ||
(unit->id == UnitId::queen && (scbw::getUpgradeLevel(unit->playerId, UpgradeId::GameteMeiosis))) ||
(unit->id == UnitId::defiler && (scbw::getUpgradeLevel(unit->playerId, UpgradeId::MetasynapticNode))) ||
(unit->id == UnitId::high_templar && (scbw::getUpgradeLevel(unit->playerId, UpgradeId::KhaydarinAmulet))) ||
(unit->id == UnitId::arbiter && (scbw::getUpgradeLevel(unit->playerId, UpgradeId::KhaydarinCore))) ||
(unit->id == UnitId::corsair && (scbw::getUpgradeLevel(unit->playerId, UpgradeId::ArgusJewel))) ||
(unit->id == UnitId::medic && (scbw::getUpgradeLevel(unit->playerId, UpgradeId::CaduceusReactor))) ||
(unit->id == UnitId::dark_archon && (scbw::getUpgradeLevel(unit->playerId, UpgradeId::ArgusTalisman)))
unit->energy += 2; // 8 is default speed

//end energy upgrade +25%energy regeneration rate

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