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Applications of SCDB
Nov 25 2018, 3:48 am
By: MTiger156  

Nov 25 2018, 3:48 am MTiger156 Post #1

Veteran Mapper

Now that SCDB is in a multiplayer-viable state (translations, working on all OS), I'd also like to post my thoughts on its possible "applications". By this, I mean how its functionality provides more than just 1 or 2 new game mechanics.

1: Classic RPG Save System
The first and most obvious application is the ability to store character stats/info in between plays of an RPG map. We can finally say goodbye to generating save codes that players have to remember. This new method does not have improved security though, as it is possible to manually edit local save data. (This might not be an issue if the file is encrypted or thoroughly hidden)

2: Advanced Player Ranking System
You can also now use DC's to store detailed player data (Games played, wins, total kills, total deaths, tier-based ranking, etc). Info like this could be useful to compare players in a competitve/MOBA environment. The possibility of save hacking means this wouldn't be a very secure system.

3: Map Admins
When privately testing a map, you could set a DC for yourself that is impossible to acquire through normal play. Thus, the you (the maker) will be the only person to posses this hardcoded DC (i.e. remove the trigger that made it). You can then program the map to identify a player with this DC and make them the "admin", allowing them to use special functions. The security on this one is better because a save hacker would need to know both the unit and the count of the admin DC.

4: Blacklist
If a player is being very rude or constantly trolling, you can now take higher action than a simple in-game ban. Assign a unique DC to these players, then have the map recognize them and drop them right at the start. The admin won't even need to be present to prevent blacklisted people from playing. Security is questionable since bypassing the blacklist only requires a file deletion, but this is better than nothing, I guess.

There are probably even more mechanics now possible thanks to SCDB. Share your thoughts with me.

Nov 26 2018, 4:18 am lifebot Post #2

Great post.

Fortunately, SCDB offers some native protection against cheating:

1) The save files are tied to your username. This means that save files cannot be shared between users.

2) Save files are encrypted so modifying it isn't going to be easy for the average user.

Here are some simple applications of SCDB outside of RPG maps:

-Saving the furthest round a player has reached for displaying high-score purposes
-Saving when a user beats the map, allowing the user to again with added perks

For example, a bound map could record the last level completed and have you resume where you left off every-time you re-host.

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