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Income Wars w/ EUD
Aug 21 2018, 10:08 pm
By: MTiger156  

Aug 21 2018, 10:08 pm MTiger156 Post #1

I now give you my latest PvP map...
INCOME WARS (w/ massive EUD overhauls)

-469 KB
-128x64 Badlands
-Players: 2-6 (Prefer even numbers)
-Game Time estimate: 7-15 minutes

The very first rendition of a PvP income-based map was in SCBW called "Income Defense". It had a very unique twist in that each player's earnings was based entirely on what units they each bought. As your round income increased, you would be able to efficiently buy stronger units, while cheaper units became much less efficient in building income.
The strategy and some mechanics of this map were transposed into an SC2 map called "Income Wars". Instead of defeating waves of non-attacking units, players are now on 2 teams, each buying units to attack the other team's base.

Chess-like Strategy:
Sticking to the design of SC2's Income Wars, players do not have control over the units as they battle. Creating a good composition for each wave is essential to victory. Once you see what the enemy is sending, try to pick counter-units to defeat their wave. Also, try to "mix up" your chosen units so that your enemies do not spot a pattern in your compositions.

Income Building:
The cheapest units are the best for building early-game income. Overtime, you ought to move on to stronger, more expensive units in order to maintain an efficient buildup. Also note that every unit has a gas cost. Players start with 40 gas per wave, which can be upgraded up to 60. Units with high gas costs are harder to spawn in quantity, so keep that in mind when choosing army composition.

Late-Game Strategy:
After obtaining a very high income rate, you will find that it is hard to spend it all. Don't forget about the various items that you can buy at the Barracks. "Power Boosts" briefly doubles the team's damage. "Defense Boosts" give the team considerable damage reduction. Each player is allowed to buy 2 nukes per game. With EUD's, the nukes now instantly hit the target location, killing enemy units in a medium radius.

There are 9 heroes available. They are the most expensive units in the game and are insanely powerful. Each of them comes with automatic (custom-made) skills that are great for burst-damage or disabling enemy units. Only 1 of each hero is allowed at a time.
Jim Raynor (Vulture) - Capable of summoning marines for backup. Also lays dozens of spider mines.
Sarah Kerrigan - Fast attacks, long range. Utilizes upgraded versions of EMP/Lockdown that can also hit organic units and deal damage.
Arcturus Mengsk - May be the slowest hero, but packs a supercharged Yamato Gun with massive AoE damage.
Infested Kerrigan - Can leap short distances and summon zerglings/hydralisks.
Infested Duran - Disables enemies at long range with periodic Ensnare. Also has a short range, one-shot-kill ability (doesn't instant-kill heroes though).
Kukulza (Guardian) - Sieges at long range while viciously spewing scourges/infested terrans at anything that gets near.
Tassadar - Distracts enemies with many hallucinations while casting psi storms.
Zeratul - Warps around enemies and traps them with clones that also deal damage.
Artanis - Doesn't have "custom abilities", but does deal amazing DPS and splash damage.


(Raynor leaving behind a long trail of mines as he pushes forward)

Income Wars - EUD.scx
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IlyaSnopchenko -- UEDCommander did create brand new turrets in SCR
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