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Dark RP - Law & Order
Nov 17 2017, 2:32 am
By: MTiger156  

Nov 17 2017, 2:32 am MTiger156 Post #1

DarkRP - Law & Order

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Force 1: 2
Force 2: 2-5
Total (4-7)
(Full-house strongly recommended)

The Original DarkRP:

In Garry's Mod, there exists a gamemode known as "DarkRP". It has become one of the greatest roleplaying modes. I saw its potential, and have made a recreation of it in Starcraft.

Welcome to *insert name here*. The mayor runs the city with an iron fist, passing strict laws and setting high taxes. The police force is no stranger to violence and will beat you for even the smallest offense. Things have been looking pretty grim, but maybe there is hope in banding together to fight the oppression.

Gameplay - Mayor:
Well, you pretty much dictate the game. Every morning you give a speech, set laws, and set taxes. You are also in charge of paying and directing the police department. If the citizens get rowdy, its up to you to quell them (or beat them into the ground if you so desire).

Gameplay - Police Department:
You start out with a small force, but it has lots of room to grow. Follow the orders of the Mayor, and he will reward you. Your force will have to sleep at night, unless the Mayor declares martial law.

Gameplay - Citizens:
Upon starting the game, citizen players will randomly be given 1 of 5 roles in the city. You have a daily income stream (amount depends on role), and will be forced to pay taxes to the Mayor. As long as you are not in debt, you can use the local shops.
Your role also has a "population". You can increase it by buying immigrants, but it can be decreased by murders.
- Middle-Class Residents: You live in a lavish home and have increased income.
- Shop Owners: If this role is filled, profits from the shops go to him. (Can buy stuff from your own shop, but you don't profit)
- Apartment Dwellers: Forced to live in a cramped aparment, low income.
- Slum (Gangsters): You also have low income, and have a bad reputation with the police.
- Gun Store: You own a small gun store, selling powerful weapons to the public. The police are suspicious of you.

-If the city doesn't fall into ruin after 14 days, all survivng players share victory.
-If citizens start a rebellion strong enough to overpower the Police/Mayor, citizens will have victory.
-If the Police/Mayor end up destroying all citizen players, they will have victory.



(Mayor & Bodyguards walking around town)

(The middle-class has a better house, and some pets)

(The gun store, boasting powerful weapons)

(The gangsters have an array of makeshift weapons)

(Getting sick of the police pushing you around? Maybe its time to RIOT!)

(Questions? Email me at

DarkRP - Law & Order.scm
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