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[Defense]Tank Defense: Generals
Sep 1 2017, 12:31 am
By: bulletbutter  

Sep 1 2017, 12:31 am bulletbutter Post #1

Players: 1-4
Map Tileset: Desert World
Map Size: 128x128

TD:G is a defense map where you build tanks and command 1 of 4 hero units to prevent waves of enemies from taking all of your lives. Each general has unique abilities and whichever one you choose will heavily influence the way you need to play. Focus more on upgrading tanks or focus more on making your general stronger or go for a healthy mix of a decent general and strong siege tank support!

Progress: 90%
Progress: 80%
Progress: 0%
Progress: 80%


This isn't a defense where you build and upgrade tanks then watch to see how well you will do. Players will have to be constantly trying to determine their best course of action. You will be mining your minerals manually as there is not a Kills to Cash system here. The basic things that you would expect from a defense game (buying tanks, upgrading tanks) is all done with minerals. The Generals "abilities", however, will require gas. Each hero generates gas at different rates. You can upgrade both the rate at which you get gas and the maximum capacity.

Each general offers a completely different way to play and beating it with all 4 of the available heroes will be like playing a completely different game each time. Its up to you to figure out a winning strategy with each General. To top it all off, your Generals will not only be taking potential damage from on-coming enemies, but your tank support will be blasting away at nearby heroes! If your tanks get too strong, you risk killing your own General.

When a General dies, you loose their benefits! You can only revive your own General if your in a single player game, otherwise you will need to get your teammates to spend precious resources to revive you.

Here are a few things you will be doing:

• Ability to manage how much and how often you acquire gas to fuel your Generals abilities.
• Choose between 4 different types of Generals to command.
• Build and upgrade as many tanks as you can.
• Keeping your General alive is also very important as a dead General can spell defeat.

The Generals

General Jim Raynor (Vulture)
Raynor has an upgraded vulture that automatically and continuously spawns spidermines at his location. He starts with a maximum of 3 but that capacity can be upgraded. Additionally, he can still manually place 3 spidermines. Jim's final ability is that he can purchase floor gun traps and floor missle traps that are littered across the path. Difficulty wise, new players should start with this General as you basically run around planting mines, buying floor traps and attacking when you can.

General Samir Duran (Ghost)
Samir deals a large amount of ranged damage. He is capable of utilizing the lockdown ability on all mechanical units. However, perhaps his most fearsome ability comes from his small army of Nuclear Ghosts that accompany him. While his Nuclear Ghosts don't do as much damage as he does, they are capable of launching nuclear strikes. Timing the nukes to land on as many enemies as possible is insanely fun especially when you get the timing down! The Difficulty of the Ghost is pretty hard until you get the timing of the nuclear strikes down. It is advisable to focus on building your siege tank army before you focus on nukes....unless of course you're awesome at using nukes.

General Alan Schezar (Goliath)
Alan deals the highest amount of ranged damage out of all the Generals. His downfall is that he is slow and movement is clunky. As the game progresses, it will be harder and harder to get around with him. He is accompanied by Magellon for Defensive Matrix support as well as an SCV that is capable of building two different types of bunkers in designated places across the map. The difficulty for Alan is that you really have to fine tune a balance between not only his weapon upgrades, but also the weapon upgrades of tanks AND the infantry in the bunkers.

General Kerrigan (Infested)
The Queen of Blades enters the battlefield as the hardest hitting melee General. She is accompanied with a lurker that follows her around wherever she goes. She is also capable of summoning a few of her favorite minions; Broodlings, Zerglings and an Ultralisk. While she can only control one group at a time, upgrading the amount of summons is possible. Late game she can command either 10 Broodlings, 8 Zerglings, 1 Ultralisk and 5 Lurkers. Possibly the most difficult General to manage. Managing melee upgrades for herself and her minions, weapon upgrades for tanks, and choosing the right group of summons for the right occasion can make her the hardest General to master.


Collapsable Box


Collapsable Box

I do stream on twitch when I am mapping. I try to stream everyday starting at 9:30pm (CST) until I get tired. I do have a job that requires me to be on call so streams may end unexpectedly. Feel free to come check me out if your bored or if you have feedback. Just keep in mind I am not set up for streaming and only have 1 monitor so I may not respond to chat for a while.
Twitch Stream

TDGdemo (beta).scx
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Sep 1 2017, 3:56 am ScOULaris Post #2

That's awesome that you stream on Twitch when mapping. Gonna go check out some of your VODs now.


Sep 2 2017, 6:13 am bulletbutter Post #3

Quote from ScOULaris
That's awesome that you stream on Twitch when mapping. Gonna go check out some of your VODs now.
Thanks. I missed the stream on Friday due to work related issues. Nothing special about the stream, its really just there to hopefully motivate a few of my old mapping teammate buddies to start helping me again. Next week I have plenty of free time and may be streaming a few times throughout the day. I still end up doing most of the work on the map while not streaming however, that may change if I get an audience.

I really want to see this map completed but I am hesitant to post a release date. Ill be editing the main post with updates when I have the time (and SEN isn't being slow).

Once a get a few more levels/waves in Ill be looking for a few testers and will probably release the map in an unfinished state at that point in this thread, mostly for single player testing (if anyone has the interest). I'm trying to build this as a map where I can balance it alone but at the same time encouraging team work in a multiplayer setting. The teamwork/multiplayer features I have planned may have to come later when/if any interest is generated with the map. Its so hard to get testers to stick with it and really help tune the map.


Sep 10 2017, 5:15 pm bulletbutter Post #4

A playable demo has been added. It only has the first 5 levels and it is "fairly" playable. Solo should work flawlessly but you may encounter bugs if you go multiplayer. I have played a few full games on and they went semi ok. Feedback/advice is appreciated.

If your interested in helping me test/balance shoot me a pm.


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