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Unit Building Restrictions
Feb 2 2017, 9:58 pm
By: tehkain  

Feb 2 2017, 9:58 pm tehkain Post #1

Hello, all. In a mod on which I am working, I wanted to add some hero units of which you can only build one.

Unfortunately, FireGraft's dat requirements do not have a 'Not' operand, and I cannot really think of a way to do it in a reasonable 'hacky' way.
Is it necessary to mess with it using plugins? Any ideas?

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Feb 15 2017, 8:07 pm DirectShift Post #2

Hey, I thought of a partial solution for your problem if you haven't solved it yet.

Make the heroes belong to another race. So for instance, you play as a terran and then your available heroes are only 2: one zerg and one protoss, but make them occupy 200 of unit supply.

Yes, you can only make two...

Ugh, sorry, not a great solution now that I think about it.

However, have you managed to solve it? I will keep thinking about it.


Feb 15 2017, 8:13 pm Corbo Post #3


Oh, there's just so many ways.
And I could probably write up a quick plug in for you to use but before answering I want to know a few things:

Is your unit creation instant? If it isn't do you want to prevent them from starting to being built or you just do not want 2 of that unit in the map at the same time?

The first one (not even being allowed to click the button) might be harder but I could see a solution if the unit required certain upgrade and then it's just a matter of unresearching said upgrade so you cannot build the unit anymore. The supply thing is also a nice solution but I assume you're using all three races.

The latter option, it's very easy, you can just use triggers to remove the last created duplicate unit and refund the player the minerals, or a solution via plug in would be fairly easy too.

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