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Building on Creep without the zerg flag
Jul 31 2013, 3:09 pm
By: Raygoza  

Jul 31 2013, 3:09 pm Raygoza Post #1

Is there some way to mod a building that does not have the zerg flag to be able to be built on ground that has Creep as well?

Or could the building have trhe zerg flag and somehow be prevented from spawning a Drone if cancelled?

Also would anyone like to help me with this second problem.
Let's say that we have a SCV that builds a building with the zerg flag, how could you make it possible to resume building progress if it got interrupted.


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[2019-6-16. : 5:37 am]
Pr0nogo -- just open a game sound and compare it to your waveform, normalize/amplify as necessary
[2019-6-16. : 5:00 am]
SiKiN -- :wob:
[2019-6-16. : 5:00 am]
SiKiN -- than*
[2019-6-16. : 5:00 am]
SiKiN -- nvm someone just told me most sound files ingame are 20d higher volume then most recordings you import.
[2019-6-16. : 4:35 am]
SiKiN -- I meant 80% quieter
[2019-6-16. : 4:35 am]
SiKiN -- /wIs there a guide on .wav files on here? The ones I implemented are like 20% quieter than the originals. The game sounds make them impossible to hear.
[2019-6-16. : 2:05 am]
Moose -- :wob:
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lil-Inferno -- :wob:
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O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- :wob:
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Wing Zero -- :wob:
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