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iCCup mapping competition
Mar 24 2013, 4:59 am
By: Jack  

Mar 24 2013, 4:59 am Jack Post #1

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Since Kespa, the former source of almost all professionally played maps, is gone, this big competition is aimed to bring fresh blood into the iCCup Mappack. With the support of Yoda from and the Broodwar Community we are looking forward to see amazing maps and interesting games.
Stage 1: Mapmaking(Now - 14th April)
In this stage everybody is allowed to make a self-made map and send them to
At this stage, following rules apply:
•Each mapper can only make or help to make one map
•Cooperation between multiple mappers for one map is allowed
•Maps must be designed for 1v1
•Maps must be designed with balance in mind, innovation is encouraged but all matchups must be as balanced as possible.
•Maps must be original, they can be inspired from another map but they must clearly be original
•Maps must be send to us unprotected and at least as observer-version, to make live-casting possible. You can of course send in additional versions (Melee, Training) too
•Maps will be submitted by email to
•Mappers must be willing to edit their map through the testing phase
Maps will be evaluated on:
•Balance -- They must be as balanced as possible, while it is nearly impossible to make a balanced map on an initial draft, there must be an obvious attempt to do so
•Innovation -- There’s a limit to how many Fighting Spirit macro maps people can take. Do your best to do something creative that will inspire hilarious and awesome plays. But still, make sure it’s not too out there; balance must be kept in mind and no one likes playing a map that makes them get too far out of their comfort zone
•Decoration -- While not as important, aesthetics should be considered in maps, so try to make your map look as good as possible.
Please before submitting your map, do some testing of your map to make sure there isn’t bugged terrain, inefficient gas/mineral mining, etc.
At your own risk of getting copied you can post the map somewhere before we publish it of course. iCCup will not publish the maps before this stage ends.
Stage II: Testing(15th April - season end ~1st June )
After we got all maps, we will make a separate Mappack with them. Maps that are obviously imbalanced or overall poorly made will be excluded.
With this Mappack, iCCup and will host several tours using only these maps. The exact dates and prizes will be announced several days before the start.
In this time, you can always leave a comment on the maps in one of the discussion-threads that we will open. It is important for us to hear what the players and observers have to say about the maps. This will provide general improvement of the maps and a good overview for later decisions for a new mappack.
If necessary, there will be an update on this Mappack, adding some edited and improved versions of these maps.
Stage III: Conclusion
Deciding on the feedback and replays that we collected in Stage II, we will pick the best maps and add them to the iCCup Ladder Mappack. The mapmakers who got their maps added will be awarded with coins, special server icons and the honor of having their map played massively on the iCCup-Ladder.
We wish you good luck and a lot of fun! Updates will follow.

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