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GalaxyWiki Update [05/07/2012]
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May 7 2012, 11:00 pm
By: DevliN  

May 7 2012, 11:00 pm DevliN Post #1


GWN has been blacklisted by Google for malware injection. A Javascript code was somehow added to some of the php files on the site, so I'm currently in the process of updating MediaWiki to 1.19 and cleaning it all up. In the meantime, GWN will be down for a little while.

Update is complete. The old MySQL database is relinked.

For some reason, the Short URL method is preventing the site from recognizing any skins. I'm still working on fixing this, but for the most part everything else should work.

Skins are now relinked. I'm going to redo the old GWN skin to fit the default "Vector" skin design. I probably wont get around to doing that until this evening, so for the time being will look like crap.

Redesigned the logo to fit the Vector theme:

Now I'm taking a break and will work on the actual skin in a few hours.

Finally figured out how the "Vector" skin works. The new skin is starting to come together. There are still a lot of pieces that are remnant of the base skin (i.e. white or red backgrounds and such) but I'll be fixing those as soon as I find them. It seems like the MediaWiki people might have assumed that spreading the CSS out over multiple files would make it easier, but coming from skinning 1.15 this is a huge pain in the ass.

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