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Chronicles of Kriste
Apr 19 2012, 5:45 pm
By: Fire_Kame
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Jun 4 2012, 10:52 pm Fire_Kame Post #241

wth is starcraft

As Athenos rose, he realized that the bar had quieted significantly. It must be several hours later. As he rose and started walking over to a corner of the room, he saw the princess' expression drop significantly. Her eyes lingered on his arm, but withdrew quickly when he looked at her. She resumed looking out the window. "You will need to pay for the door," she said coldly as Athenos sat down, "and it will be only a matter of hours before my dear mother and the palace guard awake. When they realize I'm gone they will send out a search party in haste." She brushed off her tunic carelessly. "I do not care if you wish to join me anymore. I understand now that our agendas are not as in line as I have thought," she says, addressing both Rozen and Athenos, "But judging from the nights activities I think it best we find Dan and then set off for Pryti's home. I saw him and that younger man out the window not even an hour ago...they were making for the forested area right over yonder."

Jun 4 2012, 11:40 pm Tempz Post #242

-Bury the metal in the forested area making sure to also stop ever minute or so to lookout for anyone.


Jun 5 2012, 5:23 pm Fire_Kame Post #243

wth is starcraft

Dan and Martin hurry to bury the metal pieces several feet underground. They don't see anyone coming. "There," Martin said, dusting himself off, "he'll definitely find it now. I'll just have to write to him...oh, where is he anyways? He's probably stuck somewhere, he may not be even in Kriste..." Martin trailed off again, realizing Dan was still there. "We need to go make sure our plan worked. Come on."

Martin and Dan edged around the side of town. Parker stood there in civilian clothes while Tanner and three guards stood peering at the backdoor. A crowd had gathered and was murmuring and pointing at black footprints "...Parker what are you playing at? You trying to make me look like a fool?"

"No, of course not Mr. Tanner!" he waved his hands apologetically, "I didn't have anything to do with this! It was my house that was broken into!"

"A poor job at that," a guard said, inspecting the damage, "the door isn't forced open, it was probably picked. But monsters don't know how to pick locks, do they?"

"And this residue doesn't appear to be like the other residue we've found at the sites of attacks," another guard added.

"Well then where are the pieces? I saw them down here two days ago!" Tanner said in a rage.

"How would you know that, Tanner?" One of the guards asked. Tanner lost his voice, mouth opening and shutting like a guppy before scowling. "There are two scenarios here. First, it looks like whatever was down here - if in fact it was incriminating," the guard glared at Tanner, "was stolen last night be thieves trying to make it look like an attack, or else Tanner here, decided to somehow frame Parker so that he couldn't secure passage on the maiden voyage of the Rigel."

Tanner turned pale, and then a deep shade of crimson. Muttering to himself he walked off, "you haven't seen the last of me, Parker!"

"Oh I believe I have," Parker said under his breath, waving jovially. As the crowd dispersed, Martin and Dan joined him. He didn't speak at first, simply led them away from the scene and talked to them quietly to the side. "And now I can leave this country without fear of Tanner making my life miserable! Did you find what you were looking for, Martin?" He whispered excitedly.

"Huh? Oh yea. Yea I did, it isn't good news though. said you saw something overhead when these things...uh...fell from the sky, right?" Martin said shiftly.

"Yes, yes I did. It was heading towards the south eastern Tryvali border. Why?"

"Oh...well. I just realized...look, are you sure you weren't seeing things? I mean, sure we got rid of the pieces, but it doesn't look like it uh...belongs to anything, let alone anything that could fly - or crash - like you explained it earlier."

"I...but..." Parker started, perplexed.

"Nevermind that. I'm just glad I could help the royal guard. But I've got to be on my way. See you, Parker."

"Wait! Before you go," he said, handing Dan and Martin a small sack of gold, "it's fifteen gold each. Thank you for what you've done. I've appreciated it."

Martin started walking again, Dan struggling to keep up. "Alright, well now I know we need to head towards the Tryvali border. Come on. You're going to help, right?"

Jun 5 2012, 6:09 pm Sacrieur Post #244

Still Napping

"I will take you to Pryti, there you shall be safe."

The conversation of the door was irrelevant, she was merely dancing around the real question. He had become even more mysterious in a single night, at least from her perspective.

"Meet me downstairs when you are ready."

He gathered his things and emerged into an empty bar, a maid was cleaning up from the night before. He looked at her.


"The bar doesn't open until noon," she replied while continuing her work.

"Meat," he restated. His tone became more harsh.

"I told you the bar..." she paused as she finally looked at him. His eyes held a dangerous gleam to them, "Ah, yes... I suppose we can make an exception."

He threw down enough money to pay for the door and the food when he arrived. He inspected it slightly, it was a cured ham. Right away, he began eating it. It was odd, he observed; it never seemed to taste so good before.


Jun 5 2012, 8:40 pm Tempz Post #245

-Tell martin we have to look for Athenos first; Then look for Athenos


Jun 5 2012, 9:49 pm Fire_Kame Post #246

wth is starcraft

Returning to the only likely place Athenos could be, they walk back to the bar. "Bar opens at noon," a tired and harassed looking barmaid said without looking up at Dan or Martin. Aleiya followed by Rozen come downstairs. This made the barmaid turn. "Ah, gains' all here then?" she said with a scowl, walking away again.

Jun 6 2012, 12:51 am Sand Wraith Post #247


I think I'm done with this.


Jun 7 2012, 8:56 pm Tempz Post #248

-Give Athenos the note and ask him to train me and the martin


Jun 8 2012, 11:17 pm Sacrieur Post #249

Still Napping

Athenos read the note. He made his decision quickly.

"Dan, you and your friend will wait for this person at the inn," he stated before handing the note back. The princess and I will be somewhere else. We shall discuss details after you learn how not to cut yourself with that blade."


Proceed to give basic swordplay lessons to the two (behind the inn), and the princess. Emphasize on self-defense and everyday exercises for basic swordplay.


Jun 9 2012, 6:48 pm Fire_Kame Post #250

wth is starcraft

The four retreated to behind the inn, the barmaid noisily locking the door. Athenos frowned realizing that the princess did not have a sword, and that Martin only had a small hunting knife. Athenos handed Aleiya his sword, just for training purposes. "It might be best if we arm you before we leave." He mentioned to her. She looked irritated at the suggestion, but didn't say anything. After showing them a few simple stances and attacks, the sun a quarter of the way up, they stopped their lessons. Aleiya might have been fatigued, but she did her best to hide it. Athenos mentally made the note that if she were to get a blade it had best be a lighter or shorter blade.

Martin looked worse for wear, sweating profusely and not really getting the hang of the stances. "I guess I'm better at shooting," he said sheepishly, rubbing a hand through his hair. "Uh, you know, my sling shot." He waved it carefully, pocketing his knife again. It didn't appear to go into a sheath, but Athenos had no time for questions from him.

"We should part ways." Athenos said in a booming voice. "Are we in agreement as to -?" They heard a rapping at the door to the bar that sent a jolt through all of them. Instinctively the princess shrank into the shadows and pulled her cloak over her face. Athenos and Dan listened intently as the rapping continued.

"I told you the bar is -" the irritated barmaid said, opening the door at least, "Ah, hallo," she said suddenly with forced kindness. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"We aren't here for your bar, Myrta. Is your father in?" said a voice immediately recognized as the Court Steward, Stanley.

"No I reckon he stepped out to go to market," she said, her forced kindness replaced with skepticism. "What business are you and these men on? We're quite closed, you won't find anything here."

"Ah no we suspect not. We were only wondering saw any strange parties come through last night? Anyone that seemed out of place?" he asked. Myrta snorted.

"Haven't been around here much have ya? All of them that come through my bar are strange. But I'll keep a look out, I s'pose. Well send right up to the castle should I see anything." She paused for a second. "What am I looking for then?"

"Oh, I suspect you will see what I mean if she comes by. Good day to you, Myrta." The door slammed unceremoniously. Stanley grimaced and scowled. The party hears three sets of footsteps.

"Why didn't you just tell her it was the prin-"

"Not now," Stanley hissed. "You wouldn't understand this, I suppose, but the people who frequent the bar would do more harm than good in our quest for the princess. And we wouldn't want her untimely death, would we?" The footsteps faded away. The party held it's breath for several minutes before Aleiya stood back up.

"I told you, it is important we get away now!" she said. "And I don't want to hear any arguments about gear. We can get them in the next town over. If we hurry, we'll beat the news. This is surely something they want to delay on revealing without further investigation...first the King is gone, and now the heir to the throne." She had that same wild tone in her voice she had had at the bar, but she quickly reined it in.

Athenos looked at Dan, readjusting his gear and concealing his sword again. "Do you understand your instructions, Dan?"

Jun 9 2012, 8:58 pm Tempz Post #251

Reply with a Yes.


Jun 10 2012, 5:50 am Sacrieur Post #252

Still Napping

Athenos sighed. He really wasn't cut out for babysitting.

"You're going to be just fine, milady," he stated, lost in thought. It took him a second to realize what he had said, blushing and turning away. He cleared his throat, changing his tone to cover up the slip.

"We shall leave this place, but it won't be easy, they'll have set up check points by now," he trailed off, pausing to give brief thought before continuing, "Dan, you and Martin will meet at the inn, as planned. Be wary, it may be a trap. I recommend making preparations in the event that it is."

He summoned his sword and fitted it on his belt before handing his bracelet to Dan, "If the offer is genuine, use this to prove that you are my emissary. Meet with the oracle Psamathe. She will know what to do. Keep your wits."

He turned to the princess, his eyes alight with an amused confidence in his plan.

"We have a different destiny, you and I."


Jun 11 2012, 6:04 am Fire_Kame Post #253

wth is starcraft

Athenos and Aleiya set out, swing around the castle to the leave the main road and head down an old hunting trail leading slightly south-southeast. Although unmarked on his map, it seems to receive a fair amount of traffic. It is a few hours past midday when they stop to rest beside a low and steady stream. Aleiya pulls out some bread and fruit from a satchel Athenos had not previously notice, splits it in half and offers some to Athenos. "Don't worry, I have enough for a few days. We'll have to find or buy food soon enough, but this should hold us for now."

Dan was back in the bar, Myrta eying him and Martin suspiciously. They drank their mead in silence as the group around them got rowdier and rowdier. "Not with your normal crowd are ya?" she said, never taking her eye off him. Dan doesn't answer right away. "Pretty girl you were with last night..."

"That's enough, Myrta," a new voice said beside them. It was low, nearly a growl, and Dan was surprised he could even hear it. "I'll have my usual, please." Myrta shrugged and left for the back storeroom. "Where's you friend?" he asked Dan without turning to him. "I thought I made it clear the message was for him, not you."

Jun 11 2012, 6:58 am Tempz Post #254

I might as well write like this although I have pretty crappy writing XD.

"Athenos although never stated to me why he had to left, he seemed like he had more important matters to see to". As Dan cocked his head he let out a sign and cringed saying "Not another drink". Dan asked the women if she would like a drink. The woman answered accordingly;

@Kame I'm assuming I couldn't find equipment before because he wasn't with me or did you think i had too much stuff? If its the first than...
Collapse Box


Jun 11 2012, 4:37 pm Fire_Kame Post #255

wth is starcraft

The man exams Athenos' sword, and hands it back to Dan. He grunts. "So, he gave you his primary - what might be his only - weapon to prove you? That is quite shocking, possibly even noble of him." The man says. Upon further reflection, Dan notices deep gashes line is leathery burnt face. Although he couldn't be over twenty five this appearance makes him look forty. His has a bushy beard peppered with white hair, and beneath his traveling cloak Dan sees nothing more than a jerkin pulled over an old and stained short, and simple cloth pants and boots. Myrta returns with a dust covered bottle and three glasses. The man grunts his gratitude and begins to pour Dan and Martin a cup who push it away curtly. "You know, pup, it is cordial of you to accept a drink when offered. Especially this - the finest honey mead in Kriste." He raises his mug to Myrta, who nods curtly before returning to her other patrons. "I don't suppose you know where he's gone? No, of course not. He probably went to find Pryti, but it is impossible to find her without a guide. My name is Fridolf, by the way," he said, draining his mug and pouring another. He paused for a second. "Some of the shops are still open, and if you don't plan on drinking with me - of which I plan to finish the bottle - then I suggest you visit them before they close. We will track your friend in the morning. If my suspicions are correct, we should run into them before nightfall tomorrow.

Jun 12 2012, 2:11 am Sacrieur Post #256

Still Napping

"We are not bound for Psamathe," Athenos stated, taking the bread, "I have seen a brief glimmer of your destiny, if only one of many. This kingdom will fall into ruin, regardless of my efforts."

He noticed his left arm was showing; it's white cloth only reminded him of what was underneath. He repositioned himself to hide it under his cloak. It was too volatile of a situation to take on something so sinister as the monsters that plagued the kingdom, and even still, the growing political trouble. The kingdom was invariably headed to chaos, he would only die a fool's death if he rushed to fight it.

"You are the rightful heir, and your life is in grave danger because of it. But I know of a place where you may be safe: a place far to the East, outside of Kriste. It is home to a group of monks and secluded from the rest of the world. Few mortals know of its existence, and fewer still know how to find it."

He took a drink from his canteen before continuing, "I wish to take you there, princess. There you could learn to wield a power mortals do not know they possess."

"But the choice is yours."


Jun 12 2012, 2:23 am Tempz Post #257

Go to the shops to buy

-Crossbow :Must be durable
--Jar of Pickles
--Dried fruit
--Beef Jerky


Jun 12 2012, 6:27 pm Fire_Kame Post #258

wth is starcraft

"East?" The princess let out a feeble squeak, "Towards Tryvali? I have enemies there too, m'lord." The term of allegiance came out before she could stop herself. She looked away, and ate in silence for a minute. "There is a wall between the kingdoms. It is low, but heavily patrolled. If they have passed word around that I have been kidnapped, or escaped, enforcements will be due. And what of my father? He is in danger too." She stopped again, making sure to avert her eyes from Athenos' arm. She still hadn't got used to looking at it. "We cannot plan for it until we see it, and I still need gear. First, what do you know about these monks?" Athenos heard a maniacal laughter reverberate around him. He instinctively reached for his side, but finding his sword not there, he paused. He looked at the princess, staring at his sudden movement curiously. "We're alone, Athenos. I'd know if there was someone else here." He relaxed again, the laughter fading as she spoke these words.

When Pandora walked in, she found the great hall deserted but heard voices off to the side in the barracks. She stood quietly in the doorway, and waited. "Think, you fool!" the voice she recognized as the steward hissed. "We can't let that little...harlot," he said, spitting the word out, "out of our sight for more than two minutes! The damage might already be done!"

"Sir, I think you are overreacting -" Pandora recognized this voice to be the Captain of the Guard. He seemed irritated by the stewards tone, but not upset.

"I am not overreacting. You cannot trust a woman to go out alone into the wilds with a man such as Athenos! He is dangerous to her, and to our plans! If she comes back with child -"

"You give our crown princess and heir to the throne not enough credit, milord, and if she comes back as you fear, with child...we will simply kill them both before it has a chance to know its place in the world." the Captain said icily. "Now if you will please lower your voice, the Empath will be here any minute."

"Oh joy, another Empath," the steward said sarcastically, "just what we need, another person with pseudo abilities they wave around like a trophy. If you will need me, I will be up in my study, researching these supposed monster attacks." His steps echoed up around the tower until it disappeared onto the floor above them. Pandora stepped closer to the front of the hall, carefully picking her way with her walking stick, sure not to trip. She held the stick firmly in front of her and waited. The Captain's footsteps echoed louder towards her. She turned his direction.

"So it is true, you are blind," he said with small surprise. "My predecessor spoke highly of your abilities, and now I would like to see that he was correct to trust you." His voice had changed entirely since the conversation in the barracks. He sounded genuinely concerned now.

"Theus was a great man," Pandora said fondly, "his warm presence is missed in these halls. Is there a draft coming in?" The joke was obviously lost on the Captain, who continued to pace.

"Ah well, changes happen, there's a time for everything, even death....but we must talk, and we must talk quickly. You have probably heard of the troubles the kingdom is having...the monster attacks, the looming Tryvali threat...the King's disappearance," the Captain spoke. Pandora said nothing in response. "Well, the princess is now missing," Pandora searched his emotions. He did not seemed troubled by this in the slightest. "We need to find her, we need to keep her safe," he said in the same fake concerned voice he had used before. "I have here 120 gold for you to aid in your recovery of the princess. Unfortunately we do not have much in the way of information, other than she was last seen with Rozen in the courtyard, but left him while he was still training. Athenos has disappeared. He is a most unsavory character, a brute. We interrogated his two friends that had stayed behind, and they are sitting in the dungeon as we speak if you wish to talk to them. If you will excuse me, I have other matters to attend." He left suddenly, feeling that he had done his bare due diligence, leaving Pandora with many questions unanswered.

But she didn't leave. She felt a tentative presence, a calculated one, waiting. When the Captain's footsteps disappeared entirely, a woman came up beside Pandora. "They do not wish to find the princess, we fear, they wish to make it look like they are doing their diligence, but they do not care if she lives or dies," the woman said in a whisper. "The steward is concerned not for her purity but for the bastard child she could produce - but it is of no matter, my mistress is pure, she does not so easily give into the wiles of a man such as Athenos," there was a small amount of laughter behind the voice now. "But here, from her mother. The Queen speaks highly of you, and I remember when Captain Theus was here, before he was murdered in cold blood...he also thought highly of you, and so I can trust you I know." The woman thrust a small velvet bag into Pandora's hand. She felt inside it - three stones with engravings rest within. "It is from Queen Margarite's rune set, she has given you three powerful ones, three associated with Princess Aleiya, the Light Rune, Clairvoyance Rune, and Conflict Rune." She paused for a second before continuing. "If you find are not to return to Astron. You are to take her to the summer house in Brayyn. You should be able to sneak around the guards by sailing from Fralle Port through the Sea of Leaves." Footsteps resounded, the woman grabbed Pandora's arm. "Please, you must believe me. We do not know where she is, who took her or when she'll be back. But it is important she does not come here!" The woman left Pandora's side suddenly, scurrying into the servants' quarters.

Dan bought Martin the necessary essentials for a low price of 20gold. His food stores would last him for a following two weeks if they rationed carefully. Dan and Martin came upon Fridolf then, who was waiting outside the bar for the two to arrive. "Ready to go?" he growled, setting at a fast pace. They headed north up the path, quickly. "We need to throw them off our scent first. We will circle back around tonight, but first...let them think we are to stay in Irongoll for the night."

"They? Who is they?" Martin asked, he and Dan struggling to keep up with Bridolf's tried and true pace.

"Well, in case you haven't noticed - wouldn't be surprised at that either - you're both wanted. They back there...they know you came in with a princess last night. And even though she isn't with you now, she was with you at one point," he said gruffly. Martin looked behind him. "Relax, pup. They aren't behind us yet, not by a long shot. But people will ask questions soon. I have already raised hell in Myrta's bar, they'll follow us to Irongoll and we'll give them the slip from there."

Jun 12 2012, 11:13 pm Tempz Post #259

Ask Fridolf the following
-How are we going to throw them off our scent? (smell(dogs), tracks, etc)
-How long will the journey be

Once the questions are answered go follow Fridolf but make sure to be cautious until he can be trusted.
And give martin 6 of my bolts.

Edit : Fixed error

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Jun 13 2012, 4:23 am Sacrieur Post #260

Still Napping

Athenos entered a meditative pose, ignoring the princess's question. The world around him began to dissipate, it's color drained and the time slowed. Pieces of it fell away and dissolved as they revealed a world seemingly underneath it all. A world of spirit.

He felt the familiar presence of the demon, more strongly than he had in the mortal realm, emanating from that same fissure in the pedestal. He closed his eyes and focused, feeling the world around him and his place in it. It began to spin around him, becoming a blur of colorful streaks. When had stopped, he was before the demon.

The metal bars were still impressive, but mildly weathered. A side effect of the bonding, he mused.

"You are a quick learner," the demon observed.

"No thanks to your wit," Athenos jested. It caught the demon offguard, he looked at his bonded partner, puzzled, "Come now, Njorthrbiartr, do you really expect me to believe you're as frightening as your false visage? I am not the first."

"What are you scheming?" the demon questioned, ignoring the previous remarks, "You cannot hide your mind from me."

Athenos smiled, "The symbiosis."

A look of understanding crossed the demon's eyes, "That is why you wish to visit the monks. You've discovered how to complete the ritual."

"You and I are bound in fate, Njorthrbiartr... Or shall I call you--"

He was jolted back to the mortal realm by the sound of horses. He stood up quickly as two riders, dressed in guard attire approached. He muttered something about being bothered. He could see the princess tense up as they came near.

"You, what is your business here," one of them inquired, assuming a tone of authority.

"Ah gentlemen," Athenos started, presenting a friendly tone he was unaccustomed to, "I am a merchant, and this here is my sister. We are--"

The riders dismounted, moving closer, "You dress awfully strange for a merchant. You will come with us, and if you refuse..." The guards made a display of drawing their swords.

Athenos glared, cutting his previous act. They moved in, trying to circle in and flank him. He reached for his sword, forgetting it wasn't there. One of the guards chuckled and seized the opportunity, rushing him. Athenos reacted quickly, tripping him and sliding away from the other guard. It didn't buy him any time, the other was already on top of him, sword narrowly missing. He rolled and recovered quickly, granting just a few moments before they attacked again.

He began to call to the void, summoning two battle axes. They shimmered into his hands, but before he could finish, a sword was quickly bearing down on him. He didn't have time to dodge, instead instinctively raising his left arm to block the attack. The sword hit him hard, and he could feel it slam against his flesh; but, it did not hurt, nor did he feel it cut him.

The guard jumped back, frightened, "W-what are you?"

The white cloth unraveled as Athenos lowered his arm, the battle axes fully summoned, their metal chilling cold, even through his leather gauntlets. His dark red skin could be seen clearly, and the elaborate pattern on the runes. The guards -- and the princess -- stared in horror. He gave them no time to bask in awe, becoming a tempest of steel and sparks, disarming the shaken men in a matter of seconds. His blades soon pressed against their throats; their lives in his hands.

Before he would not have hesitated to kill them. But something... Something was stopping him. He withdrew his blades and turned them on their side before slamming it hard into the guards' heads. They slumped over. He looked over at the princess: she was shaking.

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