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Poker Defense Nova [4.30] ELITE
Feb 27 2012, 12:11 pm
By: DankBudSmoker  

Feb 27 2012, 12:11 pm DankBudSmoker Post #1

----It has become obvious to me that Topblaireau no longer wishes to continue his work on Poker Defense 4.30 or continue playing Starcraft, So after talking with alot of people I have decided to release the remake I have been working on. I have Changed, Added, Fixed and Balanced TONS of things in this map and I hope you all enjoy it.

----This map was originally intended to be a private version for myself. I love the game but there was ALOT of changes that I felt Needed to be made to make this game really shine. Topblaireau definitely didn't plan on doing any of these changes saying that all he planned on doing was bugfixing. After being pmed by tons of people asking when its going to be done I have decided to publicly release it. I am hoping it will be done tomorrow but I've been hoping that all week so all I can say is that it will be done very soon =]

----This is a Complete? ChangeLog of everything i have Changed and Added :

- Much more difficult and balanced levels
- New card changers (Meld 2 DT to a DA to Instantly change card)
- 4 New secret mixes
- 3 New quests
- Double or Nothing unit recycle
- New Player and Computer colors
- 2 Units instead of 3 needed for Topblaireau's shop
- Totally redone terrain
- Beacon under sell unit civilian used to remove other players units from your base
- 2 drones instead of 1 for mining quest
- Fixed all bad grammar and typos and changed the colors of almost every string in the game.
- Units much more balanced [Stronger Hero Terran Vehicles, Stronger Hero Ghosts, Weaker Hero Archons, etc.]
- Help, Unit exchange display, Level display, etc. removed for MUCH less unit lag
- Drone added to mind control quest
- New unit mixes (5 Carriers = King)
- Box quests to the right of players bases have been moved closer
- Unit lag has been Eliminated. Valkyries, Defilers, and Queens shoot with no problems now
- No Peoples custom unit names given to them for contributing have been changed, the only renamed unit is Strike, which is now named Satos Marksmen to commemorate Sato for making Poker Defense what it is today
- Greater spire secret now gives a Hero Devourer
- Base damage for 4 card Battlecruisers, 9 mutalisks, 5 Card / Straight Flush Mutalisks has been lowered and the Upgrades raised making them Good for players using Terran or Zerg air.
- Now when you "recall your units" only the heros are sent to the spawn instead of other units such as Battlecruisers and Mutalisks.
- You now get 2000 minerals for winning the reaver race
- A new Snipers Minigame has been added. When the level 30 boss dies each player gets 1 Sniper(Duran) to fight with to the death. The last man standing wins the reward. Also there is a couple secrets in the arena for cunning players to get an "unfair advantage" =P
- Im certain ive missed somethings but thats just about the jist of it.

-I dont know when ima be done with the map just check here every now and then or get on USEast, I will be hosting it regularly.

-If anyone has any ideas for the map or thinks I should change anything to improve it please post a reply on this thread and let me know, I will be checking it regularly.

----I would like to thank: CyanX, Killer2121, RisingAway-x20, Nickotin, and Duess for helping me test the map and coming up with some great ideas to add.

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Feb 28 2012, 12:57 pm CyanX Post #2

Well its been fun working on this map with you...
Some long nights and I just hope everyone appreciates what you are trying to do here.
As long as you enjoy poker I'm sure that anyone will enjoy playing this version. The new colors give a great feel to the map especially the new terrain. As well as a much cleaner look. The new hero mixes are alot of fun, and give many more options for unit mixes.
Thanks for the edit- and glad I could be of some help - XD

Card Change is corrected! - WORKS GREAT!
New ideas for quests and bonuses!
Room to Expand
Units do not have any issues firing such as [example]: queens not working or jacks not firing
Re-balanced hero and enemy units
Raised difficulty level - chance that you make it even harder



Feb 29 2012, 12:28 pm DankBudSmoker Post #3

It is probably going to be 2 or 3 more days before I can officially release this map. Unfortunately I have encountered a few problems with the trigger work which resulted in some minor gameplay bugs. It's probably a good thing this happened because now im going to totally redo everything and make sure its perfect and bug free before I release it to the public.


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