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Pain in the Butt problem connecting to Bnet
Nov 6 2011, 2:29 am
By: sharf  

Nov 6 2011, 2:29 am sharf Post #1

So, I decided to install and startup Broodwar for the first time in ages. Installed and ran without a hitch. Connecting to is a different story though...

All my ports are forwarded on my router, and my firewall isn't blocking it. However whenever I connect it still tells me my computer isn't working on UDP 6112.

This was all a little strange to me as it should be working just fine. Suspecting it might just be my school blocking 6112, I loaded up warcraft III and it works perfectly on bnet.

So this is where things get interesting, I booted up wireshark to watch what was happening, and there is no traffic on UDP on 6112 anywhere, there isn't any communication from starcraft at all.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, sharf.


Nov 7 2011, 11:02 pm iCCup.xboi209 Post #2

Well in order to actually tell if the router is the root cause of the problem, connect your computer to your modem instead for a minute and see if Starcraft works.

Nov 8 2011, 1:18 am sharf Post #3

Been over a bunch of posibilities in the shoutbox. It's not the router, tried the DMZ, as well as opening any number of ports possible. Without changing any settings, I can try to connect, when it fails, disconnect and try again, to sometimes have it work randomly. I think it's just my school blocking it, which is weird because WoW and WC3 work on my friend's computers....and one of those friends is going through the same router as mine.


Nov 9 2011, 12:00 am iCCup.xboi209 Post #4

Then there's something on your computer blocking Starcraft or maybe your friend has a better connection.

Nov 23 2011, 5:06 am DavidJCobb Post #5

Did you turn off forwarding before trying DMZ? Having both at the same time prevents either from working.


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