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Ultimate & realistic- Diplo: Eurafroaustrasia
Mar 15 2011, 6:01 am
By: SiberianTiger  
Is it a huge minus that the Americas are not included?
Is it a huge minus that the Americas are not included?
Answer Votes Percentage %
Yes big time. You're missing out US, Canada, and Brazil. 1
Doesn't matter much. I'd play World Diplo for that. 0
No. I'm afraid it would mess up the map's appearance. 2
I like the flowery title. Eurafroaustrasia. 1
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Mar 15 2011, 6:01 am SiberianTiger Post #1

Major Countries (5)
Minor Countries (2)
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea

Tassadar - Light infantry
Terran marine - Marine
Samir Duran - Sniper
Hydralisk - Anti-tank infantry
Dragoon - Main battle tank
Reaver - Mobile gun
Siege tank - Light artillery
Alan Schezar - AAA (anti air)
Tom Kazansky - Air superiority fighter
Artanis - Fighter bomber (interceptor)
Arbiter - Attack helicopter (all share vision, no cloak)
Shuttle - Aerial transport
Norad II - Guided missile destroyer
Carrier - aircraft carrier (serves as mobile starport, explained below)
Devourer - Attack sub
Overlord - Transport vessel
Ships cannot travel on land
Aircrafts periodically attract to closest starports. Cannot sustain long-distance surgical strikes without supporting bases (i.e. allies) or carrier.
Ground units cannot attack air units except arbiter (helicopter), minus goliath. Air units periodically gain invincibility. Possible to make timely maneuvers based on this invincibility cycle in air combat.
Major economic projects, including high speed rail (vultures), undersea tunnel (nydus), trans-siberian railroad, free trade agreements
Stock market
Carbon fund
Space race
World bank, IMF, UN, UN security council
Constitutional options dictating military policy (i.e. pacifist)
Conflicts have time limit, followed by ceasefire or peace. They can be repeated. Prolonged war is bad for the economy, so it's better to take concessions and call truce.
Victory can be economic achievement (for top 3), military domination (shared by up to 2), or defeat of axis of evil (shared by up to 5).
Status update interface on all affairs at national and international levels

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