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[RSRC.] FireGraft w/EXE Edits for SCBWv1.16.1
Jul 13 2010, 4:30 am
By: Sand Wraith  

Jul 13 2010, 4:30 am Sand Wraith Post #1


Here's an unofficial and unsupported version of DoA's FireGraft for SCBWv1.16.1 that has EXE edits.

I used the unsupported v1.16.1 FG without EXE edits and included/modified the 1161.fgd[?] (or whatever, it was a while ago), which I sourced from a thread in the BWAI forums < >.



FireGraft SCBWv1.16.1 EXE(1).zip
Hits: 25 Size: 1147.17kb

Aug 8 2010, 8:08 pm poiuy_qwert Post #2

PyMS and ProTRG developer

So you added more 1.16.1 EXE edits to the ones that BWAI had already added? If you got it from BWAI a while ago the guys at BWAI may have added more EXE edits that you don't have.

Aug 9 2010, 12:25 am Sand Wraith Post #3


I only added the ones that BWAI found, I didn't personally add any new edits. I just took all of the edits that BWAI had already found and added them to the FireGraft for 1.16.1 that DoA released, which didn't have any EXE edits to begin with.

Aug 9 2010, 1:14 am poiuy_qwert Post #4

PyMS and ProTRG developer

I see, I was confused because BWAI has that already afaik (here).

Apr 28 2011, 8:48 am pastelmind Post #5


Since is dead, I'm posting some of the EXE edits that I found by directly comparing the binaries of 1.15.1. and 1.16.1. I've tested most of them, but I can't guarantee that they are 100% perfect.

If anyone wants, I'll try to find more. Obviously, I can't make new EXE edits that didn't exist in Firegraft for 1.15.1. I wish I could control Irradiate duration, though...

41. Unit Morph Command - Unit Check(Hydralisk): 0xc19b6
42. Unit Morph Command - Unit Check(Lurker): 0xc19c1
43. Unit Morph Command - Tech Check(Lurker): 0xc19cd
44. Unit Morph Command - Unit Check(Larva): 0xc19da
45. Unit Morph Command - Unit Check(Mutalisk): 0xc19e0
47. Unit Morph Order - Unit Check(Larva): 0x5dfb6
48. Unit Morph Order - Unit Check(Hydralisk): 0x5dfbc
49. Unit Morph Order - Unit Check(Mutalisk): 0x5dfc2
50. Unit Morph Order - Unit to Cocoon Check(Larva): 0x5e028
51. Unit Morph Order - Unit to Cocoon Check(Hydralisk): 0x5e038
52. Unit Morph Order - Unit to Cocoon Check(Mutalisk): 0x5e042
53. Unit Morph Cancel - Cocoon Cancel Unit(Mutalisk): 0x68399
54. Unit Morph Cancel - Lurker Egg Cancel(Hydralisk): 0x6839d
62. Creep flag determines Nydus build site: 0x740ff
118. Defensive Matrix images.dat Overlay on Casting Unit: 0x55109
151. Consume Energy Gain: 0xf4805
154. Ensnare images.dat Overlay Start: 0xf4626
183. Dark Archon Meld Unit ID: 0x947a6
186. Optical Flare - Blinded Sight Range: 0xe5b77
187. Maelstrom sprites.dat Explosion ID: 0xf6862
189. Maelstrom images.dat Overlay Start: 0x55434
204. Singularity Charge Target Aquisition Range Increase: 0x760b5
204. Singularity Charge Attack Range Increase: 0x75919


May 18 2011, 11:00 am pastelmind Post #6

For those who are looking for the latest EXE edits: ever since returned, I've been posting new offsets over there. You can download the updated 1161.fgd file from the first post of this thread.


May 27 2011, 12:29 am pastelmind Post #7

Bumping to report. Over at thread, a new version with many new EXE edits have been released. Most notably:

  • You can now make speed upgraes/range upgrades/Chitinous Plating affect other units.
  • New EXE edits for healing: maximum range, target acquisition range, energy cost, etc.
  • New EXE edit for Reaver cooldown.


Aug 17 2011, 3:02 am xAngelSpiritx Post #8

eternal lurker

I'm bumping this topic since there's been a newer version with more EXE edits released, but RadiganP hasn't updated this thread with it for the past 2 months so I thought I might as well post it here.
BWAI topic:
Link to updated 1161.fgd:
List of new EXE edits


Aug 17 2011, 3:05 am Jack Post #9

>be faceless void >mfw I have no face

Yep I've been using the new version, it's really useful and not having to downgrade is good.

Red classic.

"In short, their absurdities are so extreme that it is painful even to quote them."

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