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Caverns of the Sky
Jun 14 2010, 3:19 am
By: Pr0nogo  

Jun 14 2010, 3:19 am Pr0nogo Post #1

This is the first mission of a co-op campaign I've been heading up recently. Special thanks to Toxicman007 At the StarCraft.ORG Forums for helping me out with ideas and such for it, and on, special thanks to bert250025 for testing it out with me.

Here it is! Enjoy. I didn't upload the file onto this site because iTouches can't upload files.

So basically, the first mission entails a Terran organization told from the semi third-person perspective of Nathan Taylor, who leads a small platoon of Terrans around the galaxy to help human interests. The Dominion doesn't like him or his faction because they don't give two shits about politics or any sort of honour. They go in, they do their job, and the go out, assuming all goes to plan. Taylor also made a powerful ally while serving as a field technician for his faction before being promoted to Sergeant. He inadvertently saved Dark Psion Nariod Mak'shima's life during a Zerg attack on a Protoss colony. Nariod returned from his exile by the Conclave Protoss to help Taylor when he learned that the Terrans planned on taking on the Dominion in a battle at the desert world of Desmond. War has scarred the land and destroyed many cities on Desmond. The mission opens with Taylor landing at an allied military base (which is heavily damaged) and talks to Nariod, who lands a minute or two after Taylor. After their discussion, the two leaders take control of the base, with the left side given to Nariod and the right to Taylor. The goal is to destroy the Red Terrans to the North of your start location, but there are some surprises along the way.

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Jun 14 2010, 7:51 pm Pr0nogo Post #2

Minor bug fixes and some unit optimisations.

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Jun 15 2010, 2:57 am Tempz Post #3

Only real complain is no pictures and that expansions that you want to get are extremely tight so i just mass bunk and siege tank :O


Jun 15 2010, 3:44 am Pr0nogo Post #4

Tempz, you are implying that you can build Siege Tanks. A total of 3 Siege Tanks are available for use, and only one is at the beginning. Your comment leads me to believe that you haven't actually played the map, else you'd know that the only thing you can build from the Factories are Vultures.

I have two more bugs to fix before beginning work on a 2nd mission and a prologue movie map. Expect an update tomorrow or Wednesday.


Here's that image.

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Jul 5 2015, 5:04 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #5

Click on the link, but its had error.


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