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Duke Nukem (21 Quotes)
Filename: Duke Nukem
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File Information
Uploaded on:Aug 14 2010, 2:33 am
Uploaded by:BloodyZombie117
Author:Not Given.

File Contents
Duke Nukem/aliens.wav
Duke Nukem/annoy03.wav
Duke Nukem/back_2_work_y.wav
Duke Nukem/birth_control.wav
Duke Nukem/blow_it_x.wav
Duke Nukem/come_get_some_x.wav
Duke Nukem/damn03.wav
Duke Nukem/damnit04.wav
Duke Nukem/dance01.wav
Duke Nukem/diesob03.wav
Duke Nukem/doomed16.wav
Duke Nukem/eat08.wav
Duke Nukem/eatsht01.wav
Duke Nukem/hail.wav
Duke Nukem/hurts_2bu.wav
Duke Nukem/let_god.wav
Duke Nukem/lets_rock.wav
Duke Nukem/name.wav
Duke Nukem/out_of_gum_x.wav
Duke Nukem/pisses_me.wav
Duke Nukem/you_suck.wav
File Description
Duke Nukem. 21 quotes from the famous ass-kicker himself.

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