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Zobacz sesja na wieczor panienski Wroclaw
[11:54 pm]
Zoan -- I love your positivitiy GGmano
[2022-6-24. : 5:37 pm]
GGmano -- I have to be honest ive at least done the same twice aswell zoan xd hoping that others would participate and the price winning at least was above the price ticket... only to find out that no one wanted to join such bad raffle
[2022-6-24. : 5:35 pm]
GGmano -- this weeks math on the raffle was also harder than last week,, a loss was definately more easy to calculate last week
[2022-6-24. : 5:33 pm]
GGmano -- I have the feeling the you end up winning this weeks raffle aswell with a total loss of 2 minerals
[2022-6-24. : 2:19 pm]
Zoan -- KrayZee
KrayZee shouted: were you the only buyer?
ya, guaranteed win :)
[2022-6-22. : 7:35 pm]
KrayZee -- were you the only buyer?
[2022-6-22. : 5:34 pm]
Zoan -- losers heh
[2022-6-22. : 5:34 pm]
Zoan -- easiest raffle win of my life
[2022-6-22. : 6:33 am]
GGmano -- idk ive once read that its sad people who dont feel happy who needs to harass others,, if you capable of coding etc hacking at this level it be easy to make some something cool
[2022-6-22. : 6:09 am]
GGmano -- or is it a known issue bug to the sc prelobby?
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