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Jul 4 2008, 3:15 pm
By: Moose  

Jul 4 2008, 3:15 pm Moose Post #1

1. Topics shall have descriptive names. Topics with uninformative names such as "help" or "problem" will be closed immediately.

2. Topics shall have informative, well-written descriptions of the problem and the desired outcome. Vague questions and problems cannot be answered or solved - describe the environment, the triggers used and what is happening when they run. Do not post topics like "mah gird ist workin acan smone hlp me pliz i wanna ahve explosions ina strght lien lol thx -peace".

3. Posts shall not contain bad information and suggestions. This includes information that will crash the map, is grossly inefficent/unreasonable, or just plain false. If you are not qualified to give help in Mapping Assistance, no help is better than bad help. Other posts covered by this rule are suggestions like "fix it yourself".

4. Thou shalt use the Wiki, Search, and Google. You might find your answer before posting and thus not have to open a topic.

5. Run simple tests yourself. If it takes less than two minutes to make an example map and find your answer, do that instead of posting.

6. Avoid asking very basic questions. Staredit's help file (press F1 while using staredit), Blizzard's Staredit FAQ and some of the tutorials can help you to understand what is a location, what triggers are for or what an specific trigger action does. Do not waste our time by asking them.

7. Answer the question that has been asked. Providing extra information is nice to a point. Do not write a whole tutorial into a post, especially if the question can be answered in one line. Avoid repeating what other users have already suggested. If you copy-paste from another website / topic / tutorial do not forget to wrap it with quote tags.

PD: Most topics will be closed once they're resolved. If you want your topic reopened, please pm a moderator with a valid reason and we'll reopen it for you.

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does it make you sicc
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