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Stacking Units
Jan 16 2017, 7:56 am
By: Sie_Sayoka  

Jan 16 2017, 7:56 am Sie_Sayoka Post #1

I've been playing around with different ways to stack units (men) lately. There's currently 5 different methods to stack units that I know of.

Method 1 Worker Stacking:
Workers will stack when ordered to collect or return money from a visible (non-fog) source.

Method 2 Normal Stacking:
This method is the second most common and will happen when units occupy more space than their size. Causes are burrowing and placement of units such as powerups.

Method 3 Null Creep Stacking:
Utilizing the special null tile in installation and covering it with creep will force units to stack in the center of the area with a preference to the right tile. This method poses some issues such as being exactly centered in the tile which prevents shorter ranged melee units (zergling/broodling) from attacking. The southernmost tiles are also unaffected by creep. Units will be unable to move but will attack.

See attachment.

Method 4 Sprites:
Sprites are the cleanest and most controllable method but have some drawbacks. Viewing the original sprites will crash the game, only a handful of different units may be used without crashing, and you must pre-place them.

Method 5 Move Stopping:
This works by using method 1 but whilst the units are stacked you have move triggers try to move them to unwalkable terrain. The unit will be ordered to stop and will stay in position regardless if they are stacked or not.

See attachment stacking2 for a workable example with perfect burrowed stack and non-burrowed units.

null stacking.scx
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