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Freezing Firebats...
Dec 16 2007, 12:51 am
By: EzDay281  

Dec 16 2007, 12:51 am EzDay281 Post #1

As posted on Maplantis:

In all of my previous mods ( my first, NovaCraft, with Tempest Replay, and a bunch of unfinished/testbed mods ) , I've had troubles with the Firebat.
When I tell it to attack, it'll shoot once, and then just do nothing. He'll stand there with his arms raised, refusing to rptattk. Depending on just how I change it, he'll even freeze there, ignoring any subsequent commands I give him.
If you look at any of my mods, I've modified plenty, plenty of other attack scripts. I've tried completely replacing the Firebat iscript ( including header information ) with the Ghost's, and then changing appropriate values ( ID, imgul pointers, etc. ) , but still no luck.

Anyone know why? Hardcoded, some obscure *.dat value I've overlooked?


Dec 16 2007, 8:14 am Pyro-Fire Post #2

make some icebats. that would be cool.


Dec 16 2007, 1:12 pm who Post #3

I'm not sure, but sometimes you need to add an "ignorerest" (IceCC 1.3) at the end of the attack script.


Dec 16 2007, 2:20 pm EzDay281 Post #4

I'm not sure, but sometimes you need to add an "ignorerest" (IceCC 1.3) at the end of the attack script.
Ghosts ( and almost all units, for that matter ) include that opcode. So that's not the problem.

It's solved now ( for those interested, the Maplantis thread has more replies and information ) . Apparently, Firebats want to have a Goto FirebatWalkingToIdle opcode before the next animation header ( i.e., InitialGroundAttkToIdle ) , whereas most units just need it to be in the sequence


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