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Protoss - Fast Robo -> Immortal Push
Apr 27 2010, 8:09 pm
By: Valug  

Apr 27 2010, 8:09 pm Valug Post #1

This is the build I use mostly as protoss for all matchups, it counters a lot of normal play and has the ability to flex into counters from most other strategies.

  • 9 - Pylon
  • 12 - Gate (scout after gate)
  • 15 - Pylon
  • 16 - Gas
  • 17-18 - CC
  • 18 - Gas
  • 20-21 - Robo, Gate

After you place your robo, pump a stalker out of your first gate as soon as you have the gas. Once the robo is complete pump out immortals in priority and stalkers/senties/zealots when you can (build what you can afford, try to keep your resources down, its really hard to fit in a sentry, but get one out somewhat early if it means delaying an immortal for a few seconds. After your first immortal is on the way and the stalker is out, get the warp gate tech started and keep pumping units. Once you have 3-5 immortals, push and expand.

This Build Counters:
  • Any fast expand - most commonly see zerg fast expand at this point, put a forcefield on their ramp and kill the expo.
  • Terran marine/marauder or pure marauder play
  • Zerg Roach openings
  • Protoss going for the standard PvP Colossus play - your attack hits with the protoss has only 1-2 colossi, which your immortals should be able to handle, if you do not win during this push however, you will not likely win at all.
  • Terran mech

This Build Gets Countered By:
  • Fast Reaper/proxy barracks - when you scout after gate, if the terran is low on the worker count, expect a reaper. Your new goal is to get out a zealot and chronoboost a stalker as soon as your CC finishes. Wait on the robo until you have your base under control.
  • Speedlings - try to keep your scouting probe alive so you can see the spawning pool and gas timings, if it appears the zerg is going speedlings, get a second gate early and get some senties, you can use their force fields to pin your troops in a corner at your buildings (if you built around nexus) so they cannot get surrounded. If you built at your ramp, you should be able to defend it by walling off with an early zealot (leave just enough room for a zealot or 2 to wall)
  • Proxy Gateway - again, scouting is crucial to see if you can do this build, if theres nothing in the toss base, start chronoboosting zealots and getting a second gateway to counter.
  • Ghosts - Immortals are useless if they get EMP'ed, if your terran opponent is getting ghosts however, don't fret. With your timing push they will not have many ghosts, likely no more then 2 EMPs, spread out your immortals so they don't all get EMP'ed at once and continue your attack. Later on get more zealots in your comp, or transition to colossus.
  • Heavy Marines - Transition to colossus early and make mostly stalkers w/ blink to pick off any vikings/banshees that threaten your colossi.
  • Air Builds - You should hit before most of these, but transitioning to blink and getting lots of stalkers is the best counter to air in my opinion, I hardly ever bother with toss air.

This is a strong build that counters many common strategies and can transition easily to counter others. Your first attack should cause lots of damage and lets you expand, giving you an economy advantage for the rest of the game. What you do after your initial push depends on what the enemy is doing. If the enemy is making lots of light units to counter your immortals, get colossus. If they just held you off but have mostly armored units, get another robo and get more immortals. If they are going air, stalkers with blink is the best option. Also remember High Templar can be used to feedback medivacs, corrupers, ravens, ghosts, infestors, and anything with energy easily. I would not bother with storm unless they are massing air and stacking it or if a terran player is going MMM, storm's radius is too small to do great damage to hydras or roaches, as storm will often only hit 2-3 of them when they are arc'ed. Dark Templar are fun if you see your opponent forgot to get detection and is generally good to just use in your comp vs. zerg, since its easy to snipe their overseers in battle.

*I do not take any credit to this build being mine, it is a fairly common build used by many players and I did not come up with it myself.

Replays coming soon.


May 3 2010, 10:43 pm Vi3t-X Post #2

High Templar with Psionic Storm is highly effective, especially when you are able to form up a concave.


May 17 2010, 12:04 am ImagoDeo Post #3

I've used this build several times now in 2v2s while my terran buddy rushes to banshees and vikings, and I can testify to its power. Early on it's slightly more vulnerable to zergling rushes and cheesy crap like that, but it's very versatile and usually the immortals are enough to push through and defeat the enemy base if you keep pumping them.

Then again, we're in Silver league, so... take all this with a grain of newbyness.


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