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StarCraft Unit Infobox
Unit picture needed.png
Hit points:
Unknown / To Be Added
0 StarCraft - Minerals Icon.png
Vespene gas:
0 StarCraft - Terran Gas Icon.png
Build time:

This template is to be used for StarCraft units. Among other things, this infobox automatically places units in Category:Units and in one of the following racial categories Category:Terran, Category:Protoss, Category:Zerg, Category:Neutral when race is specified.


Location for an image. Includes File: namespace. E.x. File:Terran Command Center.png. If none is specified or if the specified image does not exist, File:Unit picture needed.png is used.
Type of the unit. Use the most specific of these:
  • Building
  • Doodad unit
  • Powerup
  • Resource
  • Unused unit
  • Unused unit (crashes)
  • Unit
Category of the unit, in terms of StarCraft triggers. Use the most specific of these, or leave it blank if none apply (e.x. Zerg Lurker Egg):
  • [buildings]
  • [factories]
  • [men]
  • [any unit]
The race of the unit. Terran, Protoss, Zerg, or Neutral.
The role of the unit. Choose any combination of the following, or leave it blank if none apply:
  • Add-on
  • accepts resources
  • grants supply
  • holds/transports units
  • produces units
  • provides upgrades
  • provides resources
  • worker unit
The unit's default max HP. Defaults to "Unknown / To Be Added".
The unit's default shield points. Leave blank if the unit does not have shields.
The unit's default energy points. Leave blank if the unit does not use energy.
The unit's default cost in minerals. Default value is 0.
The unit's default cost in vespene gas. Default value is 0.
Supply given or consumed by the unit. Should look like "2" (consumes 2) or "Provides 2". A race-specific supply icon is automatically appended. Leave blank for units that do not give or consume supply.
The unit's default build time as it appears in a map editor. Default value is 0.
The unit's default un-upgraded armor. Default value is 0.
The unit's default un-upgraded weapon damage. Leave blank if the unit does not have a weapon.
An optional comma-and-space-separated list of Terran Add-ons that this building can construct. Each item should be a link to its respective page. Leave blank if this building cannot construct add-ons of any type.
Example: [[Terran Comsat Station|Comsat Station]], [[Terran Nuclear Silo|Nuclear Silo]]
An optional comma-and-space-separated list of units that this unit produces. Leave blank if this unit cannot create any other units. This includes Nydus Canals constructing other Nydus Canals (as exit points). This does not include spell units (such as Disruption Web). Omit the race prefix in the link text.
Example: [[Terran Firebat|Firebat]], [[Terran Ghost|Ghost]], [[Terran Marine|Marine]], [[Terran Medic|Medic]]
An optional comma-and-space-separated list of units that this unit can morph into. Leave blank if this unit cannot change into another unit. This includes Terran Siege Tanks changing state and Zerg buildings morphing. This does not include Cocoon, Zerg Egg, Zerg Lurker Egg, the transformation of a Vespene Geyser into gas-mining structures, or the transformation of a Terran Command Center into an Infested Command Center.
Example: [[Zerg Devourer|Devourer]], [[Zerg Guardian|Guardian]]


  • Add a way to specify and display unit portraits.
    • Perhaps display a unit image and portrait side-by-side if space allows?
  • Add field(s) for weapons?
    • Politely borrow the display/notation used on the StarCraft Wiki? Example.
  • Add a field for pixel size?
    • Add an optional field for off-center hitboxes? (Displays as: "Size: 12x12 (off-center hitbox)")
  • Add a field for tile size? (Buildings)
  • Add a "Produced by:" field for units?
    • Add a "Requires:" field?
    • Add a "Hotkey:" field?
  • Add field for spell/ability list?