Phase Disruptor 2.0

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In this tutorial we will learn a little bit about iscript, as well as some new things about DatEdit.

Alright, we're going to make the Dragoon attack ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

First, let's get the DatEditing out of the way.

If you haven't noticed, the Dragoon's attack is sort of boring. Let's spruce it up a bit. Change the damage to whatever you'd like it to be, and add some splash. For this particular weapon, I'd suggest 16-32-64 Radial splash. Also, change the weapon behaviour to Attack Target 3x3 Area.

Alright, now that that's out of the way, let's change the very lame hit animation.

  1. Go to the images.dat tab.
  2. Jump to ID # 427, the Phase Disruptor Hit.
  3. Change the GRP file to '532'.
  4. Change the iscript ID to 320.
  5. Change the palette to 9, and special to 1.

You now have EMP shockwave hit graphics

Save your .dat files and open IceCC. We're going to decompile the Dragoon and the EMP shockwave hit (Part 2) entries.

Find the Dragoon under Units (66) and find entry 556 under Images. We know it is 556 because when you open the EMP Shockwave entry in Images.dat, the ID at the bottom right is 556.

Decompile and open in editor.

In the Dragoon section of your script, look under the header "DragoonGndAttkRpt". The Dragoon has in interesting attack, as it does a set of frames in its initial attack and does not actually attack, but attacks only in its repeat animation. Find where it says:

attackwith 1

Copy it twice more so there are three of them in a row.

Now go down to the EMP Shockwave Hit animation. Notice that there is an "imgul" here. This is calling on another sprite to appear at this point. The default sprite is a second wavy ring thingy. Let's change that to a giant explosion.

Entry 215 happens to be a nice big blue explosion, so replace "555" with "215", but change nothing else.

Save your text file. Go back to IceCC, and go to the compile tab. Press 'add', find your .txt file, select a location to save your iscript.bin, and compile. You're done!

Shove the stuff in an MPQ (Iscript goes under the folder name scripts\) and play your mod with MPQDraft. Enjoy your crazy Dragoon, and have fun experimenting with other attacks.