Mapmaking Tips by KckKryptonite

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Map Making Tips by KckKryptonite

By KckKryptonite, 2003-04-20 @ 01:00:00

Overview I think my maps have had their fair share of time in the sunlight ya know what I'm sayin', and these are some things you should keep in mind, as I have, when making a map. Just my ...

Do It Originality: This is a MUST. Your map should have creativity and original ideas, unlike those pools of stupid Defense maps being made over and over with basically the same idea. Something that should isolate and differentiate your map from the rest of the maps. Don't fall into that crowd. Look at the creator of Golem Madness, who took a simple madness and added his ideas and effort.

Effort: Well, where are you without effort? Effort is good. Put in effort. Make every little thing count, from neatness, to organization, to grammar; trust me, because in the end, many times its the small things that count. If you see that small grammar error or spell bug, FIX IT. A buggy map is probably the last thing I'll want to play again.

Triggers: Okay, its obvious that your going to have to know your triggers well, but I don't think this is as much a factor as the other things. Is it fun? Alright, this is what it all comes down to in the end, is it fun? Will I want to play it again? So without this, well... self explanatory.

Alright, in conclusion, I know no one will ever make a perfect map but make yours as close as you can to perfection. When you make a map you must always have an idea of what its going to be, because thats just as important as the effort you put in. I also think the name of a map, although not as important, still has a huge impact on it so you'll want to take a few seconds to make an interesting name. If you follow these three simple things, I promise you at some point you will be noticed as a map maker. I'll end this tutorial with that old saying "Quality over quantity". Good luck

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