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I'm recreating a page here that seems, from all I can tell, to have previously existed prior to the recreation of the Wiki in March 2015 to flush out the spammers that had formed a hostile takeover. I've never seen the page before and the following are just my empirical observations from a test map in SC.

Frame time is in direct sync with game time; game speed alters game time. Game time on Fastest is roughly 1.50x realtime, but it seems to vary slightly as in SC2. Gamespeed normal varies a bit from 1.00x realtime as well. Using Wait(0) Hypers, ie every other frame of animation, Starcraft runs a trigger cycle 8 times every game second. From this we can extrapolate that there are 16 frames of animation per game second. Regular non-hypered trigger check interval is at 31 out of 32 frames. Therefore, there are 31 frames per trigger check on normal trigger cycle speed.

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