Anti-Lifting Off

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The Terran building's Liftoff ability cannot be disabled directly, but there are several ways to prevent players from moving their buildings.

Simply destroying buildings that lift off is probably the easiest method. This can be done by placing enemy air attackers near the buildings, or by creating an air-only location over the buildings and killing anything that enter it. If you destroy a player's building for lifting off, you may want to recreate it on the ground.


Another way is to disable the buildings with the Set Doodad State action. This cannot be used on the Command Center, Starport, or Science Facility. Disabled buildings are unable to liftoff, but their other functions are disabled as well.

Placing the buildings as Unit Sprites and checking their Disabled property will also prevent them from lifting. As with the above method, disabling Liftoff this way will also disable all of the building's other functions. This can be used on all of the buildings. Additionally, this will cause the buildings to appear half-built.


Lastly, you can allow buildings to lift off, but move them back or destroy them if they leave a designated area. One thing to remember about doing this is that the Move Unit and Order actions are unable to effect buildings that have been given an order to land.