Terran Bunker

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Terran Bunker
Unit picture needed.png
Building [buildings]
Holds/transports units
Hit points:
100 StarCraft - Minerals Icon.png
Vespene gas:
0 StarCraft - Terran Gas Icon.png
Build time:
450 frames - 19 seconds - 30 editor time

Terran Bunkers are Terran structures in StarCraft. Up to four Terran infantry units can enter the structure and attack enemies from inside of it.

Bunkers are useful for defensive purposes. A common Terran strategy is to build Bunkers at the front lines of a battle, and order units to enter the Bunkers. Bunkers are sometimes located in front of tanks to prevent enemy melee units from killing the tanks.

Unit quirks

  • One can cloak a Terran Bunker by disabling it. Disabled Bunkers can then be stacked in-game to produce a variety of effects. This wiki contains a tutorial for both techniques.
  • When units enter a Terran Bunker, they are moved to the center of the Bunker and made invisible. It is therefore possible to detect units inside of Bunkers using the Bring condition.