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The Terran race is one of three playable civilizations in the StarCraft series. The term "terran" is a demonym referring to humans. They are noted for their reliance on ranged units, adaptability, and micromanagement.

Race-specific attributes

  • Terran buildings and mechanical units can be repaired by Terran SCVs.
  • Terran buildings will catch fire when damaged. When their health is in the red, they will slowly begin to take fire damage until they burn down.
  • Some Terran buildings can lift off, fly to another location, and land there.
  • Some Terran buildings can construct and use add-ons -- small structures that, when attached to a "host" building, grant tech tree upgrades.
  • SCVs are vulnerable when constructing buildings, as are the structures being built. If an SCV is killed while constructing a building, the incomplete building will remain on the map. Another SCV can be sent to finish it.