TBLPad Hotkey String Format

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By StealthyDeath

I first noticed that when you are making text for a build unit or upgrade button, it sometimes shows the wrong information. Like a unit would costs 1 supply or 1 mineral and gas instead of the information that was inserted in Arsenal. The reason why it's wrong because of the string.

You'll need to understand the basic format of strings too.


<0> is usually used on hotkeys that aren't any of the others below.

  • Example: a<0><3>A<1>ttack<0>


<1> is used for units or buildings.

  • Example:m<1>Train <3>M<1>arine<0>


<2> is used for upgrades.

  • Example:a<2>Upgrade Infantry <3>A<1>rmor<0>

Spell Casting

<3> is used on a button for spell casting.

  • Example:t<3>Psionic S<3>t<1>orm<0>


<4> is used for technology upgrades.

  • Example:p<4>Develop <3>P<1>sionic Storm(Templar ability)<0>


<5> is used primarily used on the Guardian and Devourer Aspect on the Mutalisk. It shows the correct mineral and gas cost, but it does not show supply. *Example:d<5><3>D<1>evourer Aspect<0>