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The subtile tool is used to change the tiles in a piece of isometric terrain.

This image shows the different parts that make up the terrain:


When making terrain, you may want to, for example, change the type of cliff in a particular spot. Since the type of cliff you get is chosen randomly, it is possible to simply place the terrain over and over until you get the desired look. However, there is an easier way.

We will change this rocky cliff side to a metal cliff. First, open the terrain palette and select the Subtile tool. Select a subtile group by CTRL+Clicking it. You'll see all the possible variations of the particular subtile group you've select. In this case we have selected the bottom section of the cliff, and we see the bottom of each type of cliff face.


You can change the face of the cliff by selecting the cliff type you want to use and painting over the cliff.


Using left-click to paint, you are only able to edit the specific type of tile you have selected. To paint the same cliff type over the other sections without selecting them first, just shift-click.