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PlaceCOP01.png Place COP is an ability of the Terran Flag Beacon, Protoss Flag Beacon, and Zerg Flag Beacon. A flag beacon can only use this ability once.

When a player uses Place COP, he is able to move the flag beacon as if placing a building. When a suitable location is selected, the beacon moves there instantly and its ability is removed. The range is unlimited.


The flag beacon itself is not an obstacle when selecting a location, so the flag beacon can be move to a location overlapping its original location or even directly on its original location, provided the area is buildable.

The Place COP ability is disabled permanently for all flag beacons when they spawn flags, ten minutes after the game begins.

Usage Examples

The Place COP ability has many potential uses outside of its normal function in capture the flag matches.

The map Flag Beacon to Bunker demonstrates using Flag Beacons to place Bunkers. The Bunkers are automatically loaded with units. This type of system is used in Defense maps such as Beacon Defence.