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All of the visible parts of a map are organized into map layers. There are also the map settings (Tileset and map dimensions), the Triggers (consisting of Players, Conditions, and Actions), Briefing, WAV sound effects, Strings, unit properties, and Upgrades (Technology and Spells settings). See [[scenario.chk] for all parts of a map.

Terrain layer

Edit the terrain layer using this layer. In SCMDraft2 or StarForge you can edit each of the terrain tiles independently of each other. This is known as extended terrain.

Fog of war layer

Edit the fog of war using this layer. It can be used to reveal parts of the map for one or more players.

Unit layer

Place units in this layer. Each unit can have it's initial properties set, such as HP, Energy, or Invincibility. In the unit layer, select a unit and press a number 1-8 to give the unit to the corresponding player. In SCMDraft2, you can also give units to Players9, 10, 11, and 12 by pressing 9, 0, -, or =.

Doodad layer

Place Doodads in this layer. Doodads are terrain features such as trees and rocks. Some doodads use sprites.

Location layer

Place Locations in this layer for use with triggers. Locations can be named with custom strings. They also have "height" properties that you can change in order to prevent certain unit from touching the location. Note: Locations are not visible in-game.

Sprite layer

Place Sprites in this layer. Sprites are images that are not part of the terrain tiles. Mainly used for adding things like trees and rocks to a map to enhance the look of the terrain. Unit sprites can also be placed in this layer. Sprite Properties in SCMDraft2 When you select sprites in SCMDraft2, red squares appear around them. Press Enter, or right click and select Properties.


Starcraft has certain limits that you must consider when making a map. See Map Limits for more information.

If you do something outside of the map limits, the game could crash. See the Crash List for more information.