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This is an example article demonstrating how articles on wikis tend to look. You'll notice that when possible, editors will mention the article title in this first section -- the intro. The first mention of the title in the intro title is boldfaced.

This, of course, is the intro section. It serves to briefly outline and summarize the thing that the article is meant to describe. The intro does not get its own header; the page title basically serves as the intro's header. The intro can be multiple paragraphs, but keep in mind that brevity is encouraged; more details can be described later, in the sections.

Example section

This is an example section. Note that its title is not boldfaced when mentioned. Also pay attention to the capitalization: generally, only proper nouns and the first letter of a title should be capitalized. Example sections do get headers.

(I know this sounds very specific, but after editing for a while, you tend to get used to it, and it starts coming naturally. In any case, don't worry about forgetting more minor guidelines; there are plenty of other members here that will happily fix any mistakes.)

Example sub-section

This is an example sub-section. When creating a section heading, the number of equal signs determine the heading's "level". We generally do not use top-level headings (that is, headings with one equal sign on each side) because the article title is itself a top-level heading.

Generally, it is not good practice to "skip" levels. For example, a level four heading (four equal signs on each side) should not be inside of a second-level heading. (Think of it as a family tree: you don't skip generations. Your grandfather isn't your father. I hope.)

Other sub-section

You can link to sections by appending a hash mark and the section title to the article title. For example, I can link to the "Extended terrain" section in Terrain by linking to Terrain#Extended terrain.

To have a Content cadre

You need at least 4 headers to obtain a 'Content cadre' at the top of your article.

Example article

This is a good example of how a StarCraft II Tutorial Wiki should look like.

There are two things to notice:

  1. The URLs "": they are used to ease the view of triggers. [[1]].
  2. The "trigger cadres": used for quick-view of the triggers an article contains. To obtain one, copy your trigger as text (Ctrl+Shift+C) from within the Editor and paste it in your article. To get the cadre, simply put a 'space' in front of the first letter of your trigger.
Example (notice the space when editing this article).
                                                                 You see? :)