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Italicized text means that what the dialog is used for is unknown, unused, or uncertain.

"glu-" prefixing the filename generally means the file is a menu dialog or menu screen.

"stat-" prefixing the filename generally means that the file is part of the in-game main screen (buttons, resources, minimap, etc.)

All filenames are found within arr\* of the MPQ.

Name is the name within the dialog (found by opening it and reading the label of the first control element.) Unsure what this is actually used for, if anything.

Filename Name Description
abrtmenu.bin AbrtMenu End Mission menu
allyfltr.bin AllyFltr Alliance settings
bigok.bin BigOK Large OK dialog
cancel.bin Cancel Small Cancel dialog
credits.bin Credits Credits display
dfanale.bin DFinale Unknown
dlgfatal.bin dlgFatal Error dialog?
finaldlg.bin FinalDlg Unknown
gamemenu.bin GameMenu In-Game Main Menu
gluchat.bin Chat Multiplayer game (Lobby)
gluchatpopup.bin ChatPopup Player dropdown (Lobby)
glucmpgn.bin RaceSelection Single player menu/Campaign selection (Original)
gluconn.bin ConnSel Multiplayer connection type
glucreat.bin Create Multiplayer create game
glucustom.bin Create Single player custom game
gludelch.bin Delete Delete Character confirmation
gluexpcmpgn.bin RaceSelection Single player menu/Campaign selection (Brood War)
glugamemode.bin Delete Game mode selection (for Brood/Orig)
gluhist.bin History Campaign mission selection
glujoin.bin GameSel Multiplayer game selection
gluload.bin GameSel Save Games menu
glulogin.bin Login Player/Username selection
glumain.bin MainMenu Main game menu
glumodem.bin Modem Modem connection menu
glumodementry.bin ModemEntry Modem number entry
glumodemlist.bin ModemList Modem number list
glumodemstatus.bin ModemStatus Modem connecting status
glunewch.bin GameName New character name
glupedit.bin gluePEdit Unknown
glupok.bin gluPOk Ok dialog?
glupokcancel.bin gluPOkCancel Ok/Cancel dialog?
glupoksplit.bin gluPOkSplit Ok with title dialog?
glurdyp.bin TerranRR Protoss briefing room
glurdyt.bin TerranRR Terran briefing room
glurdyz.bin ReadyZ Zerg briefing room
gluscore.bin End End of Mission stats
help.bin Help Help dialog
helpmenu.bin HelpMenu Help menu
lmission.bin LMission Lose mission dialog
loadgame.bin Load Game Load saved game dialog
minimap.bin Minimap Minimap & buttons
msgfltr.bin MsgFltr Messaging Settings
msnstat2.bin MsnStat2 War2 End of Mission stats?
msnstat4.bin MsnStat4 War2 End of Mission stats?
msnstat6.bin MsnStat6 War2 End of Mission stats?
msnstats.bin MsnStats War2 End of Mission stats?
netdlg.bin Net Network Options
netwait.bin NetWait Unknown
objctdlg.bin ObjctDlg In-Game Objectives dialog
ok.bin Ok Small Ok dialog
okcancel.bin OkCancel Small Ok/Cancel dialog
options.bin Options Game Options
ptextbox.bin TextBox Protoss chat textbox (In-Game)
quit2mnu.bin Quit2Mnu Quit Mission
quit.bin Quit Exit Program
quitrepl.bin QuitRepl Exit Replay
restart.bin Restart Restart Mission
savegame.bin SaveGame Save game
snd_dlg.bin Snd_Dlg Sound Options
spd_dlg.bin Spd_Dlg Speed options
stat_f10.bin Stat_F10 Menu button
statbtnn.bin StatBtn Neutral/Replay command buttons
statbtnp.bin StatBtn Protoss command buttons
statbtnt.bin StatBtn Terran command buttons
statbtnz.bin StatBtn Zerg command buttons
statdata.bin StatData Selected Units/Console area
statfluf.bin StatFluf Unknown
statlb.bin StatLB Leaderboard
statport.bin StatPort Unit portrait
statres.bin StatRes Resources
teamfltr.bin TeamFltr Team Alliance settings
timeout.bin TimeOut Waiting for players/Lag screen
tips_dlg.bin Tips_Dlg Tips dialog
titledlg.bin TitleDlg Title/Loading screen
ttextbox.bin TextBox Terran chat textbox (In-Game)
video.bin Video Video/Graphic settings
voice.bin Voic_Dlg Voice settings?
wait.bin Wait Unknown
wmission.bin WMission Win Mission
ztextbox.bin TextBox Zerg chat textbox (In-Game)